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Do you believe?

Mickey Mouse at Disney California Adventure

About 3 hours ago I lost my wallet in California Adventure. This is too crazy not to share.
I immediately backtracked and searched for my wallet as soon as it missing. Of course panic sets in for a second. I spoke to nearby Cast and they hadn’t seen it.  I was instructed to report it to Guest Services then elevated to lost and found.  I asked my friends on Facebook to pray and they were praying, sending well wishes and dumping loads of pixie dust.

I called again to check on it and nothing.   I visited Mickey Mouse and asked him for some Mickey magic.  He sprinkled it over the air and pantomimed to go call.  I called again and it was there!   Only thing missing was about $70 cash.  I don’t care about that.  I caked it a tip.  God is good and it sure helps to know the mouse in charge around here.

Back to having more fun.



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  1. My husband lost his wallet at WDW one year, we think at AK. It had cash, disney gift cards, and credit cards. Someone turned it into lost and found and EVERYTHING was still inside! Disney truly is MAGICAL!!!

  2. I lost my cell phone in a restroom at DTD. It actually became one of the highlights of my trip. Went back to the restroom where I thought it had fallen out. Attendant remembered another cast member had found it and taken it to Customer Relations. They had the cell phone there. Then the cast member made me a crown out of a Disney World map and made me a sash out of Mickey stickers. When I mentioned it was my birthday the day before, they asked if I had had my phone call. When I said no, they took me to a nearby phone and I got a happy birthday message. I am sorry you lost your money, but glad you found the wallet.

  3. Last year, at WDW, in 24 hours I lost my Disney credit card, not once, but twice! Both times, it showed up at Lost and Found the next morning. And last month, I lost my drivers license in the parking lot of Port Orleans, and yes, it was at Lost and Found again. Thank goodness for those parking spots right outside the office! The people at Disney are generally good. I’ve always been amazed that nothing is touched on our strollers. Glad you had a happy ending too!

  4. If found a very expensive camera under an outside dining table a few years back at AK. Turning it in was the only thing I could think about doing. Just knowing that a family’s precious vacation pictures were in there.

  5. I have to believe that the person that took your money immediately ran out of pixie dust! :) So happy you got your wallet back. That can ruin a day/vacation. Thanks for all your great info on this site.

  6. So happy you got it back! I knew you were in for some good karma. You help others everyday I knew it had to come back to you! However, still sucks you lost your cash.

  7. Make sure that you call and cancel your debit and credit cards. Since they were out of your possession, you don’t know how many people could have written the information down.

  8. This is so ironic because just Saturday evening at the Magic Kingdom my wristlet somehow fell out of our stroller. It contained all of our cash, credit cards, and most important, my ID. I immediately went into a panic because without my ID I couldn’t even fly home. I asked several cast members who directed me to city hall to file a report. They said to check back at the end of the night. I went back to city hall about 2 very long hours later and lo and behold my wristlet had been turned in COMPLETELY INTACT. I have never felt so pixie dusted in all my life! I’m so glad you got your wallet back as well !

  9. My hubby lost his wallet someplace between the tram at TTC restrooms at TTc and the Monorail, entrance to MK…less than 2 hours later it was turned in to Lost and found at the TTC. Nothing was missing, but he had only a few dollars cash in it.

  10. I’m glad you got it back!! I understand that feeling of panic – we lost our SLR camera at DCA on the last day of vacation. Unfortunately, ours did not return. Luckily, I had just swapped out SD cards so I had the photos.

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