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Jedi Training Academy to close temporarily

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Jedi Training Academy to close temporarily

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As suspected by many for over a month,  Jedi Training Academy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will close from October 4, 2015 until an unannounced date in December 2015.  The new version will reopen as Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple and will feature characters from the popular Disney XD – Star Wars Rebels series.  Kids will be able to continue training with trial Lightsabers once the new show opens.


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  1. Way to go Disney…my family has had this trip planned 9 months ago and I just found out the Jedi Training is cancelled which was the one thing my son was looking forward to. So far not impressed with Disney at all

  2. This was one of the biggest things on our to-do list too. I don’t really understand the need for closing. While a ride needs revamping, I get, but this is just putting kids together with a guy dressed as Vader. Star Tours isn’t closing, so I assume the stage beside it is still there. Why can’t you keep kids’ dreams alive by letting them simply go on that stage? If that stage is gone…why can’t you simply move the kids to the Ewok Village…or ANYwhere. Again, it’s just kids and a guy in a Vader suit. How hard is it to continue this when so many are looking forward to it? I am disappointed in Disney as well.

  3. Ourr 4 1/2 year old also on the spectrum, as well as suffers from SPD and Dyspraxia. This is what he was looking forward to the most (as well as the train in MK). I realize that attractions have to close, but it is such a bummer. I hope you and your family are still able to have a magical trip. There is a train in AK which takes you to Rafiki’s Planet Watch (where you can pet animals and see some cool things).

  4. This is so disappointing. We are going in November. My son with autism loves trains, especially the Magic Kingdom trains and those will be shut down. Now I find out that the Jedi Training will be shut down too and my daughter and our friends’ children won’t be able to participate!

  5. This announcement may explain why they signed up 30 kids for the session my kids did today. Half fought Darth Vader onstage and half fought Darth Maul on the ground below.

  6. I can not believe this. We bought our tickets for Oct 19 and they keep closing things. Disney is replacing it with NOTHING. We have to make decisions 180 days in advance but they can change things anytime they want. The only thing left there that my grandchildren wanted to do was Jedi Academy. Since that is now gone, we will skip Hollywood Studios. We will use the rest of our tickets, but the extra days we will be in Orlando will no longer be Disney. Hello, Harry Potter and Sea World. I am so disappointed in Disney! My fifth and last visit!

  7. Same here. We are planning the first trip to HS that our 7 year-old granddaughter has ever had. This is really messing up the whole vacation for her!!!!!! This is the only thing she wanted to do in HS.

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