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Magic of Disney Animation to close and meet and greets to relocate

Magic of Disney Animation and Drawn to the Magic closing at Hollywood Studios

The Magic of Disney Animation will close to undergo a major rebuild.  This area currently houses the Animation Academy, Drawn to Animation featuring the movie with Mushu, the Mickey Mouse meet and greet, Minnie Mouse meet and greet and Hiro and Baymax Big Hero 6 meet and greet.  The Incredibles meet and greet had already closed.

Magic of Disney Animation and Drawn to the Magic closing at Hollywood Studios

The official closing date is said to be July 12.   Some are saying that Walt Disney One Man’s Dream will be closing soon as well.

  • Mickey Mouse will temporarily move to the open air area across from Studio Catering where Darth Vader and Darth Maul have met during Star Wars Weekends.  It’s being reported that he’ll have a more permanent meet in front of Disney Junior – Live on Stage, but that is unconfirmed.
  • Minnie Mouse will move back to the area in front of the Great Movie Ride and Center Stage where the other Disney animated characters like Donald and Daisy, Chip n Dale and Goofy and Pluto meet.  She met there for many years before moving to the Animation building.
  • The Animation Gallery store will remain open until late August before closing as well.
  • The future of Hiro and Baymax is uncertain, but a rumor I heard said that Baymax would continue to meet in some yet unannounced location.
  • I would fully expect Lights, Motors, Action to close at an undetermined time in the future as well.

It’s expected that all this will become part of a BIG park expansion that could feature an expansion of the popular Pixar and Star Wars franchises.  Hollywood Studios will also undergo another renaming after changing its name from Disney MGM Studios in 2008.

Here’s what the map could look like very soon.  All the red blocks are areas that are already closed or will close soon.  You can see that’s a lot of area!

Hollywood Studios Map KennythePirate


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  1. Do you know if Minnie will be by herself in a stage group or with someone else? Because I remember when we were there and she was in the stage group by herself. They should have just put Mickey in his scorcer costume with Minnie in the stage group because every one knows where the stage groups are that have been there before and it would make it so Minnie wasn’t by herself because none of the other ones are by themselves.

  2. Kenny – Do you think she’ll still be the glam/glitter-dressed Minnie outside of her dressing room? With this and the who-knows-where-it-will-be Palooza, I’m getting more and more disappointed with DHS. I’m sure it will be for the better, but we won’t get to see better for a long time!

  3. I am happy to see Studios getting some much earned attention but man, I would hate to be a CM there right now. When I worked there, guests would constantly ask me what there was to do after 5pm (when all the shows ended). I don’t even know how they are combating this now….

    Again though, I cannot wait for them to announce what is next. Fingers are crossed for STAR WARS LAND!

  4. I know the drawing class is available on youtube, but it’s not quite the same. That’s one of our favorite things to do at DHS (which might say something about the park as a whole…). We’ll miss it.

  5. Nooo!!! If there’s no Animation Academy there’s really no reason for us to go! Like Muppets and TSM. Great Movie Ride okay, but c’mon already my daughter (10) works hard in school all year to go to Disney but only so we’ll take her to the Animation Academy!!!

  6. Is there any talk of the Animation Academy being located elsewhere or reopening in the future? It’s the one new thing at DHS my 6yo wanted to do so we’d planned a 2nd partial day at DHS mainly to go to the Animation Academy.

    I know it’s been said before but it seems like the studios are disappearing piece by piece. I know it’s to make room for some exciting new improvements but it seems like there is less and less reason to go there right now. If it weren’t for their few headliners it would be a park that we’d skip.

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