Home Disney World What will happen to special characters during Star Wars Weekends?

What will happen to special characters during Star Wars Weekends?

What happens to Character Palooza during Star Wars Weekends

Character Palooza 2019 Schedule


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  1. Hi Kenny,

    How do i do to meet schedule of character palooza at 2016 january? I’ d like to meet the evil queen. Please, help me.

  2. I did not see it on the calendar at all this weekend.
    Can you tell me on Saturday what time the character Palooza is at?

  3. The character schedule doesn’t have the times for character palooza for next weekend. What are the times and spots for 5/22 now that it is still on??

  4. Can you give a estimate on time that you have been back there at CP? I understand they close the gates, but can you leave when you are done or do they make everyone exit out as a group? Does the entire thing last until the last person gets a pic? Or can they just leave and some people not get a chance for a pic?

    • Last about 20 minutes and then the characters leave. You aren’t guaranteed anything. Gates often close early.

    • It is a Hollywood Studios exclusive offering. Epcot does have Epcot Training, but there is no set schedules there.

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