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Hollywood Studios Character lineup changes

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Hollywood Studios will be making some changes for it’s summer character lineup.  Doc McStuffins will begin appearing for all guests, the Incredibles are said to be leaving and Hiro and Baymax will stay a little longer at least.

Doc McStuffins

Disney Parks officially announced that Doc McStuffins will begin making regular appearances at Hollywood Studios for all guests this summer.   She will join Jake and Sofia the First in the Animation Courtyard area next to Disney Junior.  She is supposed to begin appearing for all park guests in May at a set that will look like her playhouse clinic.

From now until then, you can meet here at Hollywood & Vine for breakfast and lunch and she appears at the Disney Junior Dance Party and you can see her puppet in Disney Junior – Live on Stage.


It is being rumored that the Incredibles could be leaving Hollywood Studios soon and would only appear at the Incredibles Super Dance Party in the Magic Kingdom.   Perhaps they are attempting to create a space for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to meet guests at Walt Disney World?

Hiro and Baymax

Hiro and Baymax from Big Hero 6 are likely to continue appearing at Hollywood Studios at least through April 2015.  They could be extended beyond that time frame, but the set is usually used for the next upcoming Disney or Pixar film, which would be Inside Out, which releases in June 2015.  The only place to find their schedule is Character Locator.


  1. Can you tell me if Baymax & Hiro is still about? We go in October 25th for 2 weeks & they’re top of the list for my kids!

  2. Hi Kenny,
    Speaking of characters, I am so confused. Your calendar states that Character Palooza happens every day the last weeks of April but then I read somewhere that if Fantasmic happens, there is no C.P. There is a Fantasmic every night during our trip. Will there still be a CP? Sorry but my niece is beyond excited for this wonderful first experience! Thanks for your fun and informative site!

  3. Finally! We were hoping to meet her last year but she was only available in Hollywood & Vine. I even considered enduring the awkward meal as an adults only party at a Disney Jr. character meal just to meet her. Hopefully her stay won’t be short lived. We were so excited when Baymax and Hiro were added to the parks so fingers crossed they keep getting extended until our trip.

  4. Do you think that Doc’s new meeting place might lead to her leaving H&V. Perhaps making way for Miles, of Miles from Tomorrowland? It feels like Sofia and Doc popped up pretty quickly after their shows started airing. And Miles seems like a hit – around here, anyway ;)

    • It took quite a while to get Doc and Sofia into the parks. One can hope that Miles will be added, but I’ve not heard a time frame.

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