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Would you pay to trade pins?

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An announcement on the Disney Merchandise Blog brings to light the plans for Disney World to begin charging for pin / vinylmation trading nights that were normally offered free of charge.

On February 27, 2015 you’ll be required to register in advance and pay a $10 fee!  These nights used to cost attendees nothing.  So, now you’ll be charged to purchase these “collectible” items AND charged to trade them at these events.  You’ll still be allowed to trade with others inside the parks and of course you can trade online at your will.

Here’s the content from the above link:

Disney Trading Night at the Walt Disney World® Resort
February 27
Vera Cruz A, Disney’s Coronado Springs® Resort

We have been listening to your feedback and this year, we plan to host several Disney-sponsored trading opportunities at the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. These events, which will include a nominal registration fee, will give attendees plenty of opportunities to trade with other pin traders.

So if you are you looking to meet avid and novice traders, make friends, or share stories about your collections, then trading night is the place for you! Disney Trading Night will take place February 27, 2015 from 6 – 9 p.m. at Vera Cruz A in Disney’s Coronado Springs® Resort at the Walt Disney World® Resort. Reservations for the Trading Event are $10, per person. Limited to availability. No discount will be offered in conjunction with this package).
Here is the link to the article and the registration site.

Would you pay an extra fee to meet up with other traders in a specific event?


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  1. It is a tough pill to swallow, to now pay for something that was free for many years. I think it will keep families away, $40 for a family of four to pin trade for three hours. I don’t like having to register and if something comes up or you are sick then you either go anyway or lose your hard earned money. I had already invested money in the pins so we really enjoyed going to the PTN to trade and it made for a great night. It sure takes the fun out of pin trading.

  2. If I was an avid pin collector looking for no scrappers….yes it is definitely worth the $10. The pins are an investment and not cheap, if you dont care if you get authentic or scrappers ( like myself) then no its not worth it. Of course you can still trade in the parks for FREE!!! All of the comments I have seen that say something like…..disney found a way to make you pay again. Of course they did, thats business. Disney is top notch on hospitality and cleanliness, I will gladly pay to vacation there and for the amenities.

  3. My 6 year-old loves trading pins with cast members as we walk around the parks. I hope this is just in addition to regular old (FREE) pin trading.

  4. There’s no way I’d pay just to walk around and look at other people’s pins for the possibility of finding one I like! I think pin trading and vinylmation are both starting to be phased out. Vinylmation certainly is – they’re not producing as many groupings as they once did and I’ve noticed that some of the stores (D-Tech most noticeably) do not offer vinylmation or pin trading any longer.

    • Seems like the fad is dying off to me too. Pin trading began as a fun way to interact with Cast Members, now it’s more of an attempt to turn an over created item into a collectible.

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