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Which characters at Walt Disney World don’t sign autographs


I’m asked, quite frequently, which characters sign autographs at Walt Disney World.  With more than 60 characters offering regular meet and greets, it’s easier to answer with which regular characters at Walt Disney World DON’T sign autographs.  Here’s a handy-dandy little graphic that explains it all.

Updated 9/6/2015

Which Disney characters sign autographs

For those wishing to discuss the issue of Mr. Incredible:

Mr Incredible Autograph Mr Incredible Autograph



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  1. Do you think that When the New Disney Beauty and Beast movie comes out, that Beast, might make more appearances in the parks?

    • Click Characters, then Master List to see where all characters are located. I also have Universal character lists on there. No Disney characters appear at Universal. Magic Kingdom is one of 4 Disney World parks. Universal is not a Disney park.

  2. I have Buzz Lightyear’s autograph, not a stamp, on a pair of his gloves we purchased from the gift shop. He signed with a permanent marker and took a picture holding them up for us. Also, we met Mr. Incredible and Frozone together twice in Hollywood Studios last year and got autographs also, not stamps. If neither is common than I’m very happy my son got them both on his first trip :)

      • Do you know why Mr. Incredible & Frozone and Baymax & Hiro no longer meet in Hollywood Studios? I’m not sure of the section but it was in a building where Sorcerer Mickey also was. We just met them all there in February of 2015. Did they replace them with new characters in this area? We’ll be going this December so wondering who to expect now.

      • Baymax is in Epcot. Others were replaced by other characters from Star Wars. It’s now Launch Bay

  3. Just got back from WDW. Mike and Sulley were both at Tomorrowland Dance party. But it was Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party so maybe not always there. They weren’t on stage. The kids actually got to dance with them.

  4. Can you get autographs at all of the character dining experiences? We have reservations for Akershus, Chef Mickey’s, and Hollywood & Vine.

    • When a character appears that offers it, they just hand it to you. Updated image to remove characters that no longer appear.

  5. a friend of mine had black background that his stamp would not have worked on, so he did sign using her white chalk marker she handed him.

  6. Beast autograph I have 2008 was pre-signed and left in our room because my daughter said “beauty and the beast is my favorite” she was 2 and they made sure she got a signed picture.

  7. As a ten year WDW veteran, there are times (rare as they may be) King Louie will have the greeter put the pen in between his fingers and he can sign his own name. Just so you are not just assuming the person is incorrect, it can happen.

  8. We went to Be our Guest last night, pictures with the Beast was the last thing we did that’s how you get to the main exit. We had our autograph book out, but told us to put it up because the beast doesn’t do autographs!

  9. It’s been a million years since I’ve done character dining (I was the child). Do they sign autographs and take pictures while dining? When I was a kid, I recall eating at the Grand Floridian shortly after it opened and characters were there. I didn’t ask for a signature but they would lean in, or you could stand alternatively, and they would take a picture with you.

  10. I just made a reservation for dinner at Be Our Guest and the CM said that the Beast is not guaranteed to be available for meet n greets after the meal. I am a Disneyland regular and Beast and Gaston are on my list of MUST SEEs! Any other suggestions to see Beast if he is not in fact available after dinner?

  11. Mike and sully can’t sign autographs because Roz didn’t approve of it for them and it would be a ton of paperwork to fill out. That’s what a cast member told me when I was there over the weekend with my daughter.

  12. Kenny we also had King Louie sign his own autograph card at a meet and greet. We also had the Beast himself sign his autograph card at Epcot.

    • King Louie is incapable of signing due to his large immovable hands. Baloo signs for him. Beast doesn’t meet at Epcot, he’s only at Be Our Guest now.

  13. I remember being 5 at Disneyland (I am 29 now and am a Disney World pass holder now). Anyway, I was told Beast could not sign, even though the signed for the girl in front of me. I remember being really upset for some reason and it turning me off autographing. As an adult, I do kind of want to start up again to finish what I started.

  14. Can you actually meet Mike and Sulley at the Tomorrowland Dance Party or are they just on stage for a performance? We’d love to meet them but aren’t going to Hollywood Studios this time around

  15. I got both Mr. Incredible and Frozone to sign when I saw them at DHS last year. So I thought that was pretty cool. But Buzz Lightyear used his stamper when I met him.

  16. I once got Baloo to sign for King Louie at Animal Kingdom, not sure if that happens often, also got Buzz and Mr. Incrediable’s autographs last trip. @ Disneyland Duffy and Russel don’t sign

  17. Belle and Beast are together Belle usually signs for both of them. I thought some people might like to know in case they or someone they know really likes the Beast!

  18. I’d like to point out that all characters do have autographs, just some of them need help with signing and can’t do it then and there.

    • If I went to a meet that the characters don’t sign autograph books like Mike and Sulley, they wouldn’t tell me they can’t sign then and there. The CM just says, “Sorry, they don’t sign autograph books.”

  19. I can also verify that Buzz will occasionally sign if you have something other than an autograph book. He signed a canvas bag for me once.

  20. Beast can sign, depending on who is with him that day, but it is a rare event as it is difficult and time-consuming.

  21. I have an autograph that Mr. Incredible signed himself.
    Here are some others who can’t:
    Chip (teacup)
    George Sanderson (Monsters Inc)
    Goliath (Jojo’s Circus)
    Mr. Potato Head
    Smitty (from Monsters Inc)

  22. If you have something special, Buzz will sign. We were there and I’m having a quilt made for my daughter, so Buzz signed the quilt square.

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