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2014 Disney Dining Plan Cost increases

Disney Dining Plan 2014 cost and tips

It appears that the price increases that affected the Tickets recently are now being represented in the 2014 Disney Dining Plans.  There are 3 types of Dining Plans at Walt Disney World:  The Quick-Service Dining Plan, the Disney Dining Plan and the Disney Deluxe Dining Plan.  These dining plans are ONLY available to guests staying at an official Walt Disney World Resort and are applied per night of stay, not based on days per ticket.  Guests under 3 are allowed to share from an adult’s plate or you can purchase out-of-pocket.

The options break down as follows:

Quick Service Dining Plan

  • 2 quick-service meals per person, per night (Includes entree, dessert and non-alcoholic beverage.
  • 1 snack per person, per night
  • 1 refillable drink mug per person.  This mug can be refilled at any Disney Resort Hotel.

Disney Dining Plan

  • 1 quick-service meal per person, per night
  • 1 table-service meal per person, per night
  • 1 snack per person, per night
  • 1 refillable drink mug per person.  This mug can be refilled at any Disney Resort Hotel.

Disney Deluxe Dining Plan

  • 3 meals per person, per night (can be quick-service or table-service)
  • 2 snacks per night per person
  • 1 refillable drink mug per person.  This mug can be refilled at any Disney Resort Hotel.
2014 Pricing
Quick Service Regular Deluxe
Adult 41.99 60.64 109.53
Child (3-9) 16.03 19.23 29.86
2013 Pricing
Quick Service Regular Deluxe
Adult 39.64 58.68 104.94
Child (3-9) 15.75 18.88 29.51
Percentage of increase
Quick Service Regular Deluxe
Adult 5.92% 3.33 4.37
Child (3-9) 1.77% 1.85 1.18

Often times, when we see an increase in the cost of the Disney Dining Plans, it is accompanied by an increase in costs of the restaurant menus.  I’ll keep and eye out for you and update you if that occurs.  It’s my opinion that the Dining Plans really aren’t a good value unless you plan to purchase a bunch of soda at your resort every day AND you like to eat desserts (all pre-packaged at quick-service) at every meal.  The exception to this rule is to travel during value season when Disney is offering the “Free Dining Plan.”  The resorts are cheaper and the food is free!  Disney World Character Meals do tend to be a good option for those looking for value and the ability to meet characters with no wait.


  1. I used the dining plan for the first time this October as part of the “free dining” promotion. After sitting down and doing the math after the trip I found that I had indeed saved more money this way than if I had taken advantage of the resort discount being offered at the time.
    I did feel a bit freer to order what I wanted where I would tend to look for less expensive items if I was paying out of pocket.
    While I fully endorse as much planning as possible in all travel situations, it has to be mentioned that no matter what you plan sometimes the fates have something else in store for you. Bad weather can send you home early from the park where your ADR is, causing a domino effect on the rest of your vacation’s credit uses.
    In October I was sure I’d have no trouble using up all of my snack credits because we would be visiting EPCOT during the Food & Wine Festival. What we encountered, however, were food lines so long that we quickly decided to join queues for attractions that were very reasonable instead. Another evening, one of our group was suddenly dealing with distressing news from home and I didn’t even think to grab my typical Dole Whip until it was too late.
    This resulted in exactly the late snack use that you warn against. We hit Goofy’s Candy Company at Downtown Disney and went home with some extra treats that I personally enjoyed but would not have otherwise ordered.
    Based on this one experience, I liked the dining plan enough that I would use it again if I got it as part of the “free dining” promotion, but I would not simply pay for it otherwise. Those with several kids in tow might be better served.

    • We never paid out of pocket for the Dining Plan either. Mostly because I wouldn’t order all those desserts all the time and that inflates the cost/value issue.

  2. If we booked in January for a June vacation, with the quick service plan, but decide to change it to the 1 qs and 1 sit down per day, do we have to pay the higher price ? Or since we booked before the price increase will they give us the previous rate if we upgrade?

  3. I just now added the regular dining plan to our stay that starts in a few days (DVC member), and the prices were the 2013 prices. Is that because the trip itself had been booked for a while? Thanks!

  4. If we’ve already planned and purchased our trip for September do the new prices add to our balance or did we manage to ‘make the cut’? We are doing the Disney Dining Plan but for the sole purpose of every table service will be a character meal.

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