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How to get difficult Fastpass+ reservations from My Disney Experience


NOTE:  EVERY person that plans to enter the line must have a pre-reserved Fastpass+, even if they don’t plan to take part in the photo opportunity.

Kelly wrote me to ask why she couldn’t find Fastpass+ (FP+) reservations for her group of 5 for a certain Fastpass in May even though she is within her 60 day window for guests staying at a Disney resort.  I recommended using a strategy that I used yesterday afternoon at Hollywood Studios to get Rock n Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror and Star Tours in the afternoon when Rock n Roller Coaster didn’t have group availability.

Here’s the Hard to Find Fastpass+ strategy:

Book Fastpass reservations for ONE PERSON AT A TIME until you get the ones you want, regardless of the return time.  You could then play with the times a bit.  It’s easier to adjust the times on a computer than it is a phone though.  You might need to move a person’s return time up or down a bit to find a range that a group could use for entry.

I recommended this strategy to Kelly who was able to find the following reservations for her Fastpass on her desired date.

  • 1 person for 2:55 – 3:55
  • 2 people for 3:05 – 4:05
  • 2 people for 3:25 – 4:25

She asked what her return range would be if they entered as an entire group.  I stated that the return range would be 3:25-3:55 pm.  The reason is because the group can’t enter together until the LAST person is available (3:25) and the group can only enter as late as the FIRST person (3:55) in the group.

With that stated, you are allowed to enter 5 minutes early and usually are allowed to enter up to 15 minutes late at each FP+ reservation.  So, the theoretical range for this group is 3:20-4:05pm, but I wouldn’t guarantee the late arrival time, as it is subject to the Cast Member allowing entry.

It’s a lot of work to find those little crumbs some times, but it’s worth it if your family REALLY wants to do an attraction that isn’t showing availability.

If you are wondering on what date you can book your Fastpass+, you might want to look over my Crowd Calendar for your dates.

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  1. It usually gives you all available times. It says it cannot find any in that time but shows what they do have.

  2. I was unable to get a fast pass reservation for Frozen Ever After the morning my reservations opened up in-spite of being on first thing and starting with my Epcot day which is at the end of my trip. The system said there weren’t any available all day. Now, a few days later, there are several showing up for the evening (when we are eating dinner). Do they release fast passes in waves? Should I move my current passes to later in the day to increase odds of a morning time/early afternoon slot opening up and then readjust them later? I wish I could view all available fastpasses for the ride! Thanks for your help!

  3. I was able to get FEA fastpasses in September but I was unable to illuminations fastpass, are they still offering fastpasses for that event or did they all get used up? they were unavailable at our 60 day window.

  4. Hello- We are officially 30 days out today. I had booked our Fast Passes at 60 days at 30 minutes past midnight and no luck for Anna and Elsa. I have been looking off and on for the past 60 days and today guess what, there were quite a few open times for Anna and Elsa. I was able to book 5 FP for Anna and Elsa. 4 at the same time and 1 at just 10 minutes later. I am so glad that I found these tips to keep trying and looking!!!

  5. Do you think they would let us in if I explained it? I could send my kid in alone (that’s fine – but I have two kids) :(

  6. Do you think it would be wise to wait for them during the Not So Scary Halloween Party, or should we plan for first thing in the morning?

  7. Bummed. Signed in at midnight to book Anna and Elsa for 10/1 and not even a single FP+ was available, let alone a group of them.

  8. Is it possible to transfer fast pass selections from one day to another? We made elaborate fast pass plans for a Thursday and now don’t want to go to the park that day. We’d like to keep the same schedule (or close to it) on Wednesday but don’t want to risk losing our fast pass reservations on Thursday in case it doesn’t work out. Thoughts?

  9. The problem I found in playing around with fast pass options is that I have to have an adult and child selected together. It won’t let me just select my child for a FP…

  10. Just a tip. Sometimes fastpasses for Anna and Elsa wont show up because the time available is not working with a fastpass you currently have. Example, we had fastpasses booked for Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain at odd times. We changed Splash and Anna and Elsa suddenly appeared as available. Play with the times a bit it might show up. Also after about 11 pm there is not really a wait to see them. People with small kids leave after the fireworks.
    Then that side of the park is much easier to navigate. One night we went to Dumbo 3 times, Barnstormer 7 times(did not even get off between rides), Petes silky side show met all 4 Charachters, Ariel ride and meet and greet, Anna and Elsa, Cinderella and Rapunzel, Peter Pan 2 times, Small World, Tomorrowland speedway, teacups, and the Carousel in less than 2 hours. Strating around 10:30 and leaving at midnight.

  11. Definitely a “glitch” of some sort, at least it feels like one! I lost a fastpass the other day because I tried to change the experience, and it even showed my original time when it asked me to confirm… and then it reloaded and boom, my new fastpass was for 11 pm. SInce I wasn’t staying that late and I couldn’t re do it, I gave up. Good advice to use the website on the cell phone instead of the app!

  12. When we were in MK in Dec (2014), we tried to change the FP experience via the app (iOS). When I chose the new experience, it gave me a time of much, much later than the original time slot. I thought that when you selected “change the experience” you would only be changing the item, not the time, and would see what was available during that time slot. Is this something new that was implemented or a glitch when we were there? It was not like this when we went in Jan (2014) or Aug (2014). I’m not sure how we could ever change on the go if we do not know the times we are changing to. Any advice for how to deal with this? It kind of defeats the purpose of the app if I have to go the kiosks for every little change. Thanks!!

    • When using a phone and the actual app, you’ll always receive that type of terrible service. I use the actual website, even when I’m in park.

      • Thanks for the quick and personal reply! That’s a good idea – with my old phone it would have been tough to use the website. Glad I invested in the 6 plus!

  13. Kenny, I am traveling in April with party of 3. 2 adults, 1 child age 4 1/2. I purchased a 5 day base ticket with my resort and dining package all booked directly through Disney. I went online at midnight sharp to book my FP’s, however it would ony allow me to book for the 2 adults. it said my kid needs a valid park admission. Therefore, I have FP’s for my sister and I and not her. Do the children not need them? I spent weeks planning my days/times out thanks to your guides so I wouldn’t be running all over the park and planned the FP’s out very strategically. I was even able to get everything I wanted including the times. I’m concerned about my daughter not having FP’s. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  14. Hi Kenny I just booked our fastpasses for our April trip (60 days out at midnight) and no availability for Anna and Elsa. I wanted to try your tips of booking one at a time and copying or getting overlapping times but couldn’t even get one. (Checking The Dibb site they were all gone 2 days before my 60 day window even opened up! So frustrating!) We are going on an EMH day and will be there at rope drop to run for it. Just wondered if you had tips for which side of the rope to be on at rope drop and is there a better path to take to get to Fairytale Hall the fastest? Can you go straight through the castle? Thanks for all your tips, love your site!

    • There is no “run” just a slow walk guided by Cast Members. Doesn’t matter which side you line up on, just walk right behind the rope and don’t let people pass you. Get at least one person in the actual line before parking a stroller.

  15. I’m hoping to make it in the park through fireworks…might be pushing it after fireworks though. I will cont to try and adjust A&E FPs. Attempted your suggestion of changing one FP at a time with the hopes of matching up times but could not make it work for the little one since her FP has to be tied in to an adults and it wouldn’t offer an earlier time for 2 guests. I changed my father-in-laws A&E successfully to 130p and attempted to copy it to the rest of ours but no luck so switched it back to orig time. Maybe we will use that A&E FP for something else as the day wears on and attempt to visit A&E standby post fireworks. Would make for a nice ending to our day :)

    Btw, what do you mean by “even at 2pm you would still have a wide variety of FP choices, so that one isn’t an issue”. Are you suggesting we would have a variety of other FP attractions we could use that 2p FP for if we didn’t need it for SDMT?


  16. My current A&E is a bit late (touring w 5yo and a grandparent) and would prevent me from being able to use kiosk FPs earlier in the day, right? Don’t we have to use all 3 of our allowed FPs in order to get additional ones from the kiosks? we would have to get a significantly earlier A&E time or rope drop it in order to use kiosk FPs at some point, right?

    My current FPs are ETWB 1030a-1130a, SDMT 150p-250p, and A&E 840p-940p. It seems we should boogie over to A&E at rope drop, pick a new FP exp (assuming we pull A&E rope drop off), change SDMT to an earlier time (before or after ETWB) and then for the remainder of the day, use kiosk FPs for other popular rides in the midst of maneuvering stand by lines for other rides we are interested in?!

    i realize it’s going to be crowded but I’m hoping with a plan and some strategy, to minimize/avoid those terribly long stand by lines!

    Am I on to something here? :)

    • Yes you’d have to use all 3. Yes you’d need a better time to use kiosk.

      My current FPs are ETWB 1030a-1130a, SDMT 150p-250p, and A&E 840p-940p. It seems we should boogie over to A&E at rope drop, pick a new FP exp (assuming we pull A&E rope drop off), change SDMT to an earlier time (before or after ETWB) and then for the remainder of the day, use kiosk FPs for other popular rides in the midst of maneuvering stand by lines for other rides we are interested in?!

      How late are you planning to stay in the park? You could keep your A&E FP, if you can’t adjust the time and then go there at rope drop. If you see a negative experience, head to Peter Pan instead and keep the FP for nighttime. Even at 2:00pm, you’d still have a wide variety of FP, so that one isn’t an issue.

  17. Going to MK for 1 day 3/20/15. 3 adults & a 5yo. This whole FP system seems a bit stressful! Some sites recommend getting to park early at rope drop, hit favorites and use FPs for later in day. However, with such a high volume day, does it make sense to use FPs earlier then use kiosks to obtain 4th, 5th FPs etc?

    At 59 days out I managed to get a 840p FP for A&E. Ideally would like to do this earlier (sounds like I should be thankful I got one at all!) but at this point 2/1/15, there are no available times to choose from. If I try to add a new FP exp just for me and find an earlier time, can I then copy it to the rest of my party or do I have to create a new FP experience for each of them?

    Not sure if I can articulate my next question but…if I attempt to create a new FP exp to check for earlier A&E times, but do not officially change it as I’m not sure I’ll find what I am looking for, will that process automatically cancel my other FP exps that I currently have? Even if I do not finalize my new FP exp?

    I started the process but only got as far as picking my park/date as I received a message that said “existing fast passes will be replaced”. I canceled what I was doing because I wasn’t sure if just checking for a new exp and time for myself would cause me to lose my other FP exps!

    is that clear as mud?!


    • Can’t tell you what some sites would say. I can tell you that you can get several things done in the first hour, then start using those FP. Use the 9 to 10 later toward 10. Many lesser rides will have FP late into the night.

      Only other option with A&E is rope drop or last thing at night. Copy feature only works on cell phone and doesn’t work very well, so don’t use that.

      You have to confirm before it will overwrite the current one, but just be careful. Only way to do that is with a computer.

  18. I am trying to prioritize my fp choices for when my 60 mark arrives, can you tell me if I have to book all three in one day before moving on to the next day? Or can I book a&e for one day, seven dwarfs on another, toy story on another, etc, and then go back later to choose less popular attractions for my 2nd & 3rd fp selections after I’ve secured the more difficult ones?

    • You must choose 3 for one park per day, but you can choose your favorite and two others and then tinker with them if you choose.

  19. Kenny – was told about your blog by a friend. So far it’s amazing!!! I’m getting very stressed out though about getting to do anything we want to do after reading all these comments. We are getting military tickets so we can only book out 30 days ahead b/c we aren’t staying in a Disney resort. Will we be able to get any FP for any rides early in the day for our 3 small kids or will they all be taken by the 60 day out people? Thanks in advance for your help and all the info on your blog.

    • It’s likely that Anna & Elsa and 7 Dwarfs Mine Train will be gone, but all others will be available. Try these tricks for those two things. If no FP shows up before your trip, go to Anna/Elsa immediately at Rope Drop and ride 7 Dwarfs Train late at night.

  20. We were unable to get a FP+ for A&E. I attempted to do what you did here, but it didn’t work out. We have 3 FP+ booked already, do I need to cancel them and then try to get FP+ individually for each of us–there are 6?

  21. I can book my Fast Passes tomorrow (tonight). Once I’m signed in, will it be easy to figure out how to copy the Fast Passes? I’m going for Anna and Elsa first.

    • We are at our 60 day point today. I woke up at 1:30 am to reserve and followed your instructions for Anna and Elsa. I was able to copy them to my daughter, but not to my husband or son. The system is actually putting my 3 yo son alone from 5:50-6:50 and I have exhausted all options and avenues online. Is it worth calling? Or should I just hope we run into a nice cast member who will allow my son and husband to join us?

  22. Could I book individual fast passes for A&E for my husband and I then just have my daughter (4) use my husband’s fast pass? Do they pay a lot of attention to the age on the ticket?

  23. You’re my savior. Was trying to get Seven Dwarf Mine Train FP+ for my last day there for me and the other members of my fam. Unfortunately the only time all of us could get it was the hour of our pick-up. When I did it individually, it worked like a charm. Got them all within a 10 minute slot.

  24. For those attempting to copy A/E FPs using the mobile app, be sure to double-check that you actually have them. The app will tell you “You’re All Set” and show the party members added to the A/E fastpass for your time, but will not actually reserve them. Tech Support is now aware of the bug, but I have not seen an update to fix the issue that could lead to a lot of disappointed guests.

  25. Hi Kenny, I am an annual pass holder and have a trip planned in Sept (8th-16th) I can only book fastpass 30 days out but so far it seems that Anna and Elsa are impossible to get 30 days out. Do you think this will be different in Sept as the crowds are less? Also should we expect wait times to still be 3 hours then or will it have calmed down a little?

    • I just booked our fastpasses for Sept 60 days out and even booking 60 days out it said “standby only” for Elsa and Anna for the first day of our trip. Luckily I anticipated that and we’re doing MK twice so I got them for the 3rd day in our trip.

  26. I have been having issues securing myself and my youngest daughter a FP to Meet Anna and Elsa on June 6th. I was able to finally get one for my oldest daughter this past Saturday. I tried the copy feature, tried it every hour, every half hour of my waking day. Tried looking for new passes, nothing!. I called Disney today and the representative told me that Anna and Elsa are so popular and that the park is allow approximately 10 FP’s per hour to meet them. She said there weren’t any available slots for the day we will be in the MK. She said my oldest daughter may have entry via FP but if I wanted my 6 and a half year old to go she would have to wait in the 240 minute standby line. She said the only way I would be able to get my 6 year old little girl in via FP is if someone cancels. So there aren’t any set dates/times, etc on when new passes drop. So I said, what if I only had one child and she wasn’t old enough to go in by herself, are you telling me I could get in but she couldn’t? She said yes. I said this is supposed to be a family event, its simply not fair to the younger children that their older siblings and parents even can “have admission via FP” and not them. I am highly upset with Disney right now. This is supposed to be a fun magical place for children of all ages. Just curious if anyone else has been told anything similar or different for that matter.

    • The cm that said 10 per hour grossly underestimated, but it’s still pretty low. Disney can’t guarantee every person a fp for anything, especially a high demand meet and greet. Magic doesn’t always mean the shortest wait because that can take some work.

  27. Try copying using your phone app if u have one – have no idea why-probably some weird random glitch -but wouldn’t work in the computer site but worked when I used my phone for some reason Hope it works for you too

    • It worked! I had 2 out of the 3 FP+ for Anna and Elsa and I’ve been up since 11 last night attempting to get the third (today marks 30 days before our trip). You’re right — it’s probably some type of glitch — but it worked, and I was even able to make it so that we all have the same times. Thank you! :D

  28. Jessie the same thing is happening to me. I was finally able to score a FP for A&E for my 10 year old but I am not allowed to copy to myself or my 6 year old. I can’t allow one of them to go without the other it wouldn’t be fair. Grrrr!

  29. I was able to get a FP+ for one person in our family, however it will not let me copy it to anyone else. Is there a reason for that? Since we would be seeing them as a family I don’t understand why we can’t all have a FP for the same time.

  30. My family will be traveling to MK early June and I have had zero luck securing FP for my 10/6 yr old daughters for A&E. I called WDW customer service and they said they didn’t have any info on when/ how many spots would open for them. I don’t want to spend the next month constantly looking for a spot . I also fear if I get a pass to pop up for one of my daughters will my youngest not be allowed in because she is 6 and I don’t have a pass? One can’t go without the other, simply wouldn’t be fair. If you have any info for me as to when to look for new passes and how I can get both girls in I would appreciate it!

  31. We are heading to WDW in August with a group of 11. However, we only have 5 of our tickets linked to MDE because the remaining 6 are military discount tickets and have to be activated the day we get there. So my question is, if I get 5 FP+ for A&E the first day we are MK with the 5 tickets I have already linked and then get 5 more FP+ for the second day we are at MK, do the same 5 people have to use those FP (the people the tickets are technically assigned to) or can 5 different people use them to see A&E?.

  32. Kenny – all set to book some FPs – I have heard conflicting info (surprise!)…will I be able to access the FP site at midnight of my 60 day mark or at 6am? Thanks!!

  33. We have FP+’s to meet Anna & Elsa for the last day of our trip, already, BUT we’d really like to meet them within the first few days of our trip!! I have booked all of our alloted 3 FP+’s for every day of our trip. But, I know, you said they open up new FP+ times every morning, for each day. So, could I log onto MDE every morning of our trip & try to change one of our FP+’s to Meet Anna & Elsa (if there is an available time, of course) or would I need to cancel the entire days FP+’s, before I try to do this? I’m just wondering, because it seems like if I just try to change one of our FP+, say Meet Ariel, to Meet Anna & Elsa, it will just look for that specific time that my FP+ time is already for. Am I right in my thinking? I just thought I would have a better chance of getting to one of the Meet Anna & Elsa FP+ times, if it were searching for the entire day’s times, and not just the specific time of my already existing FP+….Hope this is clear as mud!! lol

      • Thank you so much for your reply!! That’s kind of what I figured!! I’m just SO glad we got the FP+ that we did, last day, or not, I can’t complain!! lol Thank you!! :)

  34. Our daughters are 4 & 8. Will I have to book the first set of Fastpasses for two people then add two other singles? Also what time on the 60th day before can you start your bookings. We are in the UK and yes it’s Anna and Elsa in July!! Thanks.

  35. What do you mean by copy? Or will I understand that better when I can actually book my FP;s? We have a very large group going and I am a bit worried, we can split into two groups but even those aren’t small and my parents will be torn between watching two sets of grandchildren experience A and E. :/

  36. Any idea when/if fast passes will be available for the seven dwarfs mine train for June? Or will it be open by then? Thanks!

  37. They just opened a ton of FPP for the Anna and Elsa meet and greet. If you are going anytime this week through June and couldn’t get a fpp, check back today!! they must have seen how fast the fpp line moved yesterday and added more. Which kind of stinks though b/c now that line will get longer too.

    • Yup, just posted that a bit ago on my Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for making sure those in the thread are aware too! Yes FP line AND stand by line will take longer with more FP distributed.

  38. Thank you Kenny!!!!!! I was able to secure FP+ for Anna and Elsa because of YOUR advice!! Could not have done so much with the email updates and your site!!
    Question – (I have never been to Disney) I reserved a FP+ for A&E at 4:00 and a dinner reservation at Chef Mickey’s at 5:30 – Do you think that is “do-able”???

  39. The app is the worst app ever. When I was at Disney in late Jan, I had to uninstall and reinstall 8 times one day. That doesn’t even count the times I refreshed and then had to log in again.

  40. Memorial weekend.
    Called Disney twice, found out it is my app on my devices. The computer seems to show “standby” for Elsa and Anna. But devices don’t show them at all. Along with other more recent FastPass+ added attractions.
    I think they need an update.
    Does anyone know the current count of FP+ attractions in MK?
    And Safari is reporting difficulties with MDE too.
    Alas, more glitches. Aghrrrrrrrr

  41. My hubs and I were just there last week. We booked several fast passes for our daughter who is 5, albeit with our whole party, and not for Anna & Elsa since they were still at Epcot and no fast passes were available for them. Is this new that you cannot book fast passes for children under 7? P.S. we followed your advice about standing in line to see them and only had to wait 2 hours vs. 5.5 – 6. Thank you! It made our daughter’s day to meet them! Without your advice it wouldn’t have been possible!

  42. I don’t even see Princess Fairytale Hall as an option on MDE Fp+!!

    My friends do.

    It doesn’t even show up as an

    • LOL – we certainly are Kimberly! I kept my single pass as well in hopes that I will find some way to make this work.

  43. Ugh..I could only get one fast pass for Anna and Elsa- but that doesn’t do me any good if my daughter can’t use it:( She’s under 7 and I can’t make a fast pass just for her, but there were none available- even at 5 minutes after midnight when my window was finally open:( I kept my single fast pass, but I can’t figure out a way to copy it to hers, too. Is there anything I can do?

  44. I need your advice Kenny! I am an offsite guest and I just got on my account this morning at the 30 day mark to make my Fastpass plus reservations for MK on May 7th. The only reservation I am interested in securing on this date is Anna and Elsa for my 6 year-old (we have other MK dates planned to focus on rides and other character greets). However, I was only able to secure a FP+ with Anna and Elsa for myself only – decent time too of 10:20 – 11:20 am! I am encountering the same glitch that everyone else has mentioned where I can’t book my daughter separately because the system won’t let you book a child without an adult. When I try to book my child and husband together, the Anna and Elsa FP is grayed out stating standby only. I’ve played around with different options (copy, adding child to my reservation etc) and no luck.

    On this same date we also have breakfast at the castle booked for 8:15 am. So my question is this: do I keep my own FP reservation for these insanely popular princesses and hope that the CM will let my daughter come with me (I don’t need to meet the princesses, this is for my daughter only!). Or do I get my husband to try and get FP reservations at the kiosk that morning for himself and my daughter, since we’ll be there early (I’m not sure when the kiosks open on any given morning)?
    OR do we leave the breakfast early to try and get in the standby line? I really don’t want to leave breakfast early if possible, as I don’t want to feel rushed over breakfast and take away from the magical experience of dining in the castle (this is our vacation after all and I would like to relax and enjoy!). However, I figure that we have the advantage of being in the park early that day and am trying to figure out how to best work this since Anna and Elsa are an absolute must for my daughter. Your advice is always appreciated!

  45. Do you have any suggestions on how to get a FP for the Festival of Fantasy parade? Going to take a break for naps at lunch time and am worried about getting back in time to secure a good viewing spot for my 4 YR old and 21 mo old to be able to see. I don’t even see it as an option that’s all filled up. Thanks for all your wonderful help.

  46. Kenny, I am looking to increase my chances of getting A&E fast passes for our June trip. We check in June 8th and our MK days are June 9th and June 11th. As soon as I can select – would it be better to skip even trying for June 9th altogether and go straight for the 11th? We prefer to see them our first MK day to avoid the girls begging, but I have a feeling going for the later date will yield better results? Also, there are four of us… I don’t want to waste precious time trying for four A&E FPPS if the chances are better to try for two at a time? But of course we’d rather have our times together… any pointers would be HUGELY appreciated :) THANKS!!!

    • It doesn’t take long to look at various dates using a computer. Don’t use you phone or mobile device. If you can’t find them for 4, try 2 or 1. Don’t use the copy method, book one at a time. The copy method has been providing strange results. Start with day 1, then 2, then 3

  47. Hi Kenny,

    We experienced the same issue with booking tickets for our children:

    You cannot book a group of fast passes, but you can book the Elsa and Anna Meet and Greet individually. The catch is that the system will not allow a child under 7 to be booked without an adult, thus, no FPs for the children. This is how I was able to get FP for all of our group:

    We have a party of 3 adults, one child (4 years old) and (2) 2 year olds (infants) and are traveling to the MK on Tues April 29. Children under 2 can accompany an adult w/ a FP. Go into the reservation system and book a “party” of EACH child (3-7) with ONE adult only. Choose 2 FPs attractions that you want to see and then a “throw away” FP – any attraction, doesn’t matter because you will change it. Then, make FP selections for any remaining adults in your party INDIVIDUALLY. You should get the option to choose the Frozen princesses in your FP+ selections.

    Once all adults are booked on the reservation, go into the “Change” FP selections section and individually change the “throw away” attraction for each ADULT that is booked with a child to the Frozen princesses (don’t worry about the times, yet – just get one.) At that point, all adults should have Frozen princesses booked. You can then go back and change the children’s reservations from the “throw away” attraction to the Frozen princesses, because their reservation will now reflect only them on the “throw away” attraction.

    *I did contact customer service through the online chat prior to getting a FP for my daughter. The agent said that as long as I had my fast pass for Anna/Elsa, my daughter could accompany me. I printed the chat session out with the intention of showing it to the CM operating the FP line if there were any problems, but ultimately, it wasn’t needed

    • It’s because the system knows how many FP+ to release for each hour and it has a bunch of single slots left over after the groups have already grabbed theirs. That’s why I recommend booking them individually and adjusting the times. There’s really nothing Disney can do about that issue, it’s like trying to reserve a table for dining and all they have is a TWO tables for 2, but you have a group of 4. The program doesn’t know to put the tables together.

      The Cast Member you spoke with gave you incorrect information about how FP+ works though. Every member of the group is required to have a FP+ reservation that is 3 years of age or older. If the CM at the return area allows it, it’s up to them. We tested this and sometimes we were waived through and other times the CM was very strict that everyone had to provide a reservation.

    • I have been trying your technique but with no success. When I go to “CHANGE” the experience it still groups my daughter and I together and won’t let me do it individually and so therefore no Anna and Elsa choice shows up. How did you get it to let you select the adult separate from the child when you change the throw away? Thanks!

  48. Love all of the info you provide and just bought your character locator app! Going to wdw in 30 days! First trip as an adult and taking my 4 YR old princess lover and 21 mo old boy… Going to MK on Tues n Thurs of our trip. Thanks to your heads up, I was able to get FP to see Anna & Elsa on both mornings and just got Cinderella both days too. Now I can’t figure out which day to cancel. Any thoughts? Do you think we’ll want to start our trip with running to meet these princesses or would it be better to wait until our second day? Thank you!

  49. I found a major flaw in the Fastpass system: when you have one Fastpass for a day and then go back to add another one it tries to automatically fill up all three slots and will try and override your previously scheduled Fastpass. I ended up having to call Guest Services and have them add in the Fastpass for me manually and they also could see the problem with the site.

    Now I have to do that for all the days since we just set up one Fastpass figuring we could go back and the other two as we decided on them.

    The reps said they are reporting this and hopefully it gets fixed quickly.

  50. Things are definitely all over the place for this reservation system, but I couldn’t get A&E a few days ago, now I have had 2 different options. Keep an eye out and you will find something. PS, all this was done between 49-47 days, not at 60 on the dot

  51. Hi Kenny,

    Thanks for the great info! I have tried all the work arounds that you and others have mentioned, and I either see the option for Anna and Elsa but it won’t let me select it, or it’s not in the list at all for Saturday, April 26th. I have other FP+ selections made for that day and I was just trying to change them, should I delete them all and start fresh?

    • If they aren’t hard to find FP+ reservations, then you could give that a try. It is sometimes easier to find something when you have nothing already reserved. It’s a pretty clunky system.

  52. Wow. Thanks for this. We are setting up a visit in May and we couldn’t even get 3 people Fastpassed in to see Elsa And Anna but luckily I found your post and luckily got all tree of us in one at a time but with overlapping times.

  53. I just tried to do the one at a time strategy but it will not let me book my kids one at a time as that would show them without an adult. I was able to get one for my hubby and one for me but the system is not allowing for our kiddos. Any suggestions?

  54. Since we aren’t going until next year, I am hoping that the bugs with FP+ and the popularity of Anna and Elsa will be watered down a bit. lol Probably not with my luck. :)

  55. I’m bummed. Trying to get them for May 23rd for one person and they are greyed out. Other thing I noticed is new parade isn’t listed. Called Disney and they had no idea why.
    Guess I’ll keep checking back!

    • Parades open closer to that day. If you don’t see FP+ in advance, try the day you visit the park when it opens. Additionally Anna and Elsa are UBER popular, so it will be the most difficult FP+ ever.

  56. Just booked fastpasses for a group of 8; one by one; so that we can see Anna and Elsa. It took forever, but it will be worth not standing in line for over an hour. Thank you so much for the info!

  57. Hi Kenny – thanks for all your helpful tips! 2 questions: The only time during our day that we have to meet Merida will be mid-day around noon. Is the wait insane at that time? We will be there 5/4-5/11. Also, do you think they will allow FPP the first week the mine train opens? I heard it opens 5/2 and wonder when we will be able to book FPP for it.

    • Wendy. Expect to wait an hour or more to meet Merida at mid-day. Follow my Magic Kingdom 2 day Touring Plan for the easiest way to meet characters and do rides. Yes, they should allow FP+ for Mine Train right after it opens. No one knows when the window will open

      • thx, I will check out the touring plans for sure. Is the line for Merida somewhat close to space mountain? Maybe while my daughter and I are in line, my son and husband could at least ride that. Can they then join us in line or is that considered skipping?

      • No, Merida is between Tea Cups and Castle. Look under MAPS for Character Maps for each park. Also, if you use my app, you’ll clearly see a map and location listed for each character along with schedule and interaction tips.

      • got it thx, checked out the character maps, super helpful! If I am waiting in line for characters, can my kids and husband go on a ride and come back in line with me or do they not allow that? Also, are the characters at the spots on your map pretty much all day or is there a time schedule for their appearance?

  58. Great plan this seems like it would work out great…
    I was watching the FP lanes over the holidays and some CM watch the time very closely…even pointing to it above them at Space Mountain before allowing people in…

  59. IT WORKED!!!! Thank you KENNY!!!!! Do you think it will be the same insane process to book seven dwarfs mine train?
    Thanks AGAIN

  60. My DDs “must-dos” are Anna & Elsa, Rapunzel, Tinkerbell & Merida. We have 2 1/2 days at MK. How do I fit them all in? I plan on using a FP+ for A&E but past that I’m unsure what to do. Any advice?

  61. We are Annual Passholders, and I’m not a fan of this 30 day limit. I have little to no hope that we’ll get a FP+ to see Anna & Elsa when our window opens up. We’re going May 23rd for the 24 hour event. Do you think they’ll start meeting guests at 6:00 AM? Should we go straight to Princess Fairytale Hall at rope drop? Thanks!

  62. Just so you know. Anna and Elsa will be at the fairytale meet and greet in the princess hall in Magic Kingdom starting late April early May. The two sides will now be A: Anna and Elsa B: Repunzel and Cinderella. And this can be Fastpassed

  63. Any thoughts on how long the fp+ line will take one see the characters? On Friday nigjt we got the fp+ for 3 people for April 27 early in the morning. Very excited for my daughter.

  64. This all hurts my head. My husband and I are taking our girls (5 & 6) to Disney for the first time in June. Thank you for all the great info – just when I think I have a plan something changes :/

  65. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Sir! This worked liked a charm. On the other hand, do you think your Magic Kingdom two day plan of hitting these two at rope drop without FP+ will yield the same quick time thru?

  66. I’m coming in early May so well within 60 days but the MDE ap on my phone and my iPad won’t allow me to book any fast passes bc it won’t let me advance the calendar to May. I’ve been able to get them on the computer but the ap isn’t working. Am I doing something wrong?

    • If you have to renew your Annual Pass and are staying on property, you cannot wait until you get to Disney to do it. You have to renew it before and link the ticket number you get. The same thing happened to me and I had a melt down!

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