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Are Anna and Elsa moving to Fairytale Hall in the Magic Kingdom?

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A number of people have been asking if Anna and Elsa are indeed moving to the Magic Kingdom’s Fairytale Hall beginning Easter Sunday, April 20th.   I have heard rumblings of this occuring, but haven’t been able to confirm it.  But I have been working a great deal lately as well.  We can hope that this will occur in order to provide FP+ for those who desire that option.

It appears that the notoriously glitchy My Disney Experience website is now advertising a meet and greet of Anna and Elsa with a visiting Princess and another listing of Cinderella meeting with Rapunzel. It shows Anna and Elsa meeting from 8:00 to 9:00AM for Extra Magic Hour and again from 9:00AM to 5:00PM


On the same date of April 20th, Anna and Elsa disappear from Epcot’s My Disney Experience schedule and they were listed on the 19th.  I’d take this as a good sign that the Frozen ladies are moving to the Magic Kingdom, but we’ll wait and see how the schedule shakes out.  If you have Fastpass+ options for these dates, you might want to keep an eye on the Magic Kingdom’s Fairytale Hall.


Would you be happy to meet the Frozen ladies in the Magic Kingdom’s Fairytale Hall?  Would you like to meet them using Fastpass+?  It would increase the standby line wait.


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  1. Just talked to WDW…was able to book Fast Pass for Elsa and Anna on Saturday, April 26th. Here is the major tip….don’t type in more than 2 guests. When I had 3 guests, my husband, me and our daughter, it was booked. When I selected me and my daughter, it worked!!

  2. I’ve mentioned it in a few comment replies, but just to let everyone know…you are able to make Fastpass+ selections at Fairytale Hall. Get in there quick!

  3. So we have FP+ on 4-29 with Rapunzel. Based on earlier comments, it looks like we may be able to meet Anna and Elsa with these? I wonder if Disney would send out some sort of communication to people who already have the Rapunzel/ visiting Princess and give them a choice, or will they switch us all over to the Cinderella/ Rapunzel? GAHHHHH COME ON DISNEY!!

  4. I’m on MDE right now and can’t find anything listing Anna and Elsa @ MK, though I do see that they “disappear” from EP on 4/20. We REALLY want to know more because we’re @ Disneyworld from 4/29 through 5/8 and have 9 am Askerhus reservations on 5/2. We’d planned on being @ MK on 4/30 and 5/4. But, I can’t see Anna and Elsa as any FP choice for MK on my MDE screens

  5. I never understood why Belle was at Akershus anyway. Belle is French. Having Anna and Elsa as the hosts for Akershus would be awesome. Either way we are going April 22nd-27th so I just need to know where to stand.

  6. This news is very frustrating – especially since I’m seeing this a day late. We will be there 4/27 – 5/3. I just checked and there are no FP+ left for Rapunzel or Cinderella (A&E aren’t even an option). Wednesday was our Epcot day, and though I’ve been unable to find an early Akershus res, I had my gameplan all worked out for RD. If all they do is move them, and now there’s FP to contend with that I can’t even get, this sounds so much worse. Now, if the final announcement is that they will be in BOTH places, I’m all for that! It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the next month and a half…

  7. Not related to Anna and Elsa (or maybe it somehow is) but I just got back from Disney and they were painting some of the turrets on Cinderella’s castle silver during the day. Any idea what this is for? Also, I was surprised they were working on it during the day; there are cranes in all our pictures of it during the day now.

  8. I honestly feel moving rapunzel with cinderella and having the frozen sisters together in the other room just spells really long lines.

  9. I am happy with whatever helps with the wait issue. I have already booked my FP+ for our May trip and I have booked both Cinderella and Friend, and Rapunzel and friend. How will Disney handle this?? Will they cancel one or both or will I need to. Or will they both be good for whomever is filling fairytale hall?? Meeting Anna and Elsa is a top priority.

  10. I don’t really care where they are located, as long as there are fastpass+ options. I think they need to get the wait times under control. We didn’t see them the last time we were there because it was before the movie came out. But we’re going back this November right before my daughter’s 4th birthday. She is really excited about meeting them, but there is no way she would last in a line for an hour or more. By the time we’d get to the front of the line, she’d be cranky. So we’d really appreciate it if they find a way to make the Frozen princesses more accessible. If not by doing fastpass+, then maybe having them at more than one location. Epcot and Magic Kingdom, or at a character meal? I’m sure Disney will figure out something.

  11. Going in August and must admit that while this would crowd up our fast pass+ for the Magic Kingdom with the success they have been having it may be a wise choice until they can build a more permanent spot for them and one that might flow much better. Keep me posted Kenny.
    I can not make my fast pass+ for about 2 more months – 5 months until Disney time. Maybe both parks would cut down on the flow and make more little girls happy too.

  12. I think they should be at both, maybe at the dining in Epcot, and have Belle at be our guest, I am happy to be able to fast pass them as they are my favorite and my daughters favorites and the only princesses we have not met yet! I will fast pass in the busy End of of June!

    • Jenn, I agree! I am thrilled they are at allowing us to FP them! I would love to Beast and Belle meet at BOG! But, I do think Anna and Elsa should also be in Norway!

    • i agree with Jenn. Both would be great and Belle @ Be our Guest eventually will be fantastic at least for Breakfast & Dinner which are reservations only sit down meals -along with Beast either Cursed or Human would be very nice.

  13. This would make our touring in June much easier… I have 3 days at MK as opposed to one at Epcot. Hope this is true!!!!!

  14. I don’t think that will solve the problem – only move it. I think they realistically need to be in both for the time being.

  15. I still think they should put Anna and Elsa at Akershus as “Hostesses in place of Belle, and move Belle to Fairytale Hall (or the dining room rotation)!! It just makes sense! But, I’m thrilled with the FP+ option!

  16. Anna and Elsa should remain in Epcot and also be available in the Magic Kingdom to alleviate the 2-4 hour wait on line to see them. My daughter was crushed when she found out the wait was a minimum of 2 hours. Frozen is a goldmine for Disney right now and they need to provide more access to the characters as well as merchandise (which was nowhere to be found in Disney World).

  17. I realize you don’t like to spoil the magic, but being in Fairytale Hall would help make the line move faster correct?

  18. I just feel bad for all those who made preRD Akershus reservations as part of their strategy. I guess back to the drawing board for some. Hopefully FPP+ helps out!

  19. Do you think they will still meet in Norway? 8 am is very early to be at breakfast w/o the incentive to get in line to see the sisters before rope drop!! Lol

  20. This irks me BC it really drew people to Epcot & the princess dining options there. I think they need to stay in Norway.

  21. I can’t say I’m for or against the move, particularly since we haven’t been there recently to experience either Fairytale Hall or the Frozen character. In principal, I’d prefer they be in Epcot – there are already too many FP+ things in MK to use one on the girls. And there are already princesses to meet in Fairytale Hall. Keeping the Frozen princesses separate in their own land (like Merida’s meet and Rapunzel before her) seems to make them a bit more special than lumped in with the other princesses.

    • Well the princesses that are moving out of Fairytale Hall (Snow White and Aurora) are already in Epcot. I think, like you, in principle I’d rather they be in their own land, but for the time being, I think managing that huge line/wait is priority number one.

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