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Anna and Elsa to move to yet another test schedule at Norway in Epcot

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UPDATE:  The Frozen girls returned to the lame 11:00am start time on Sunday, February 16, 2014.  I’ll go check this out later in the week, but people are stating that it’s a minimum 4 hour wait.

I recently posted that many guests were having great success in meeting Anna and Elsa later in the afternoon.   Some people tried it out and found the wait to be significantly less.  Recently a few people found that Disney’s website was listing Anna/Elsa meet and greet moving to a 9:00 am to 6:00 pm schedule beginning Sunday, February 9.

I was able to confirm that this is a test schedule that will allow Disney World to see if it improves the guest experience.  They have been beginning at 11:00 am, which meant that the line would easily be 3 to 4 hours long before the ladies even arrived to meet guests.  I recommended a couple of times that they look at doing a rope drop meet and Disney has responded, of course, it could have been the hundreds of complaints at guest relations.

So, beginning Sunday, February 9 I will again recommend that you visit the ladies at rope drop and do not visit on an Extra Magic Hour morning!


  1. Went today. They were schedule to meet starting 9AM. Arrived at the gate for EPCOT at 8:35. Ran back to Norway and was in line at 9:05. They first reported the wait at my spot as 2h45m, then later upped it to 3h. Wound up taking 3h15m. While in line they were reporting the wait at the back of the line as 5h. Facebook friend went the day before, got in line at 4:30 and only waited an hour supposedly. Might be worth a shot in the later afternoon if you aren’t willing to wait in line for long.

  2. So would you suggest going to see them in the morning and have someone wait when gates open? Or have you heard if they wanna go back to 9am meet?

  3. I’m wondering why I cannot add the Elsa & Anna meet and greet to my itinerary for Feb.23rd on my Disney experience. It just posts times up to Feb. 22nd. Perhaps, they will be changing schedule again. Any thoughts on this?

  4. Thanks for all your information. Have been reading daily trying to make the best touring plan while still seeing Anna and Elsa. So now that they are at 11, do you again suggest late afternoon to early evenings to start waiting in line? And if so, can you clarify – in one of your replies to another who spoke of a short line, you said they “cut” the line at 2:30 for the rest of the day. Was that just for when it finished at 6pm? We have to go on Feb 25, an early magic day and was hoping that we’d only have to wait the first hour and change… with the change – it seems we need to be a little more creative and flexible. And if arriving to stand in line at 4 or 5pm is better, we could do that too.

  5. FYI
    I am at Epcot now. Anna and Elsa now back to 11 AM start time for greetings.
    Last week was just a test run for 9 AM start time…

  6. Kenny, we have 8:30 ADRs at Akershus on 2/26. If we get out by 9:00am and get on line how long do you think we will be waiting with the rope drop crew? Is it a better strategy to have DH eat fast and get in line at 8:45? I don’t want to be first on line since we would have to pull our girls out of the breakfast quick for the meet and greet. What’s the happy medium?

  7. We were in Disney World from Feb 1 – Feb 8. We did Epcot on Tuesday, Feb 4 and arrived at 9:00am. My husband ran over to the Anna & Elsa line first thing (based on the advice we got). The kids and I rode other rides while my husband waited in line. We finally got to meet Anna & Elsa at 1:00pm. From the time he got in line to the time we actually met the girls, we clocked in 3 hours and 50 minutes. It was worth it because my six year old daughter loves Anna. But 4 hours of waiting? My husband and the other dads waiting in the long line said that the Frozen gift shop should have T-shirts made up that say “I survived the Anna & Elsa line at Disney World”!

  8. Can’t thank you enough for the tip! Got there 50 minutes before rope drop & jogged back to Norway. Even with that, the wait was 45 minutes…but that’s tolerable. They were excellent with my little man & spent lots of time with him. He was over the moon! Thanks!!!

  9. So if we are at Epcot at ‘rope drop’ (that’s the park opening time, correct?) and run straight to Norway, we shouldn’t have to wait hours?

  10. Touringplans.com posted today that the girls will start meeting at 9 am in a few days, looks like Disney heard you loud and clear, Kenny :)

  11. I wonder if they will meet at 8 on EMH mornings? We have an AM EMH at Epcot planned specifically for this meet, with my husband to do the sprint while the rest of us catch up.

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