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Tinker Bell to relocate to Magic Kingdom’s Town Square Theater

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Tinker Bell in winter wear

Tinker Bell will soon be leaving Tinker Bell’s Magical Nook in Adventureland and relocating to Town Square Theater in the Magic Kingdom.  When she makes this move, it’s been said that she will no longer have her pixie friends joining her.  She will meet alone.  It is supposed to become a Fastpass+ meet and greet enabled area.   No firm date has been announced.

The wait times to meet her should drop, but we will no longer have the opportunity to meet Periwinkle, Terance, Rosetta, Vidia, Silvermist  and the rest of the Disney Fairies.

What do you think?  Would you prefer to wait longer and have more pixies or have a shorter wait and Fastpass+ for Tinker Bell?

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  1. As “someone who works for Disney” you really don’t know what you’re talking about. Kenny was right and an apology would be nice.

  2. Kenny – as of today the Disney website lists Tink as being in Town Square with FP+ option. Did she move overnight?

  3. An Operating Guide lists the opening date for Tinker Bell at Town Square Theatre on May 23rd. It also states that Tink will be with a “visiting fairy” and she will use her magic to make the line move faster.

      • Sorry but I can guarentee you as someone who works in the parks, she will not be moving alone, at least not until the pirate fairy is over and done with. They have already cast for her entertainment wise and all of the new costumes are here (for more than just Tink)

      • Haha yes there is? and Anna and Elsa are relocating completely, that changed due to the demand. There is a pirate fairy costume, and there are new costumes for the girls just like when periwinkle came. Walt Disney World doesn’t just cast people for specific face characters and then not use them. Also, considering the spot Tink will be taking over once housed 3 princesses at once, I do not doubt that she’s moving, but she won’t be moving alone.

      • I certainly appreciate your comments and concern, but don’t the information you’ve been given to be credible. There isn’t going to be a Pirate Fairy character in the parks and Tink will move alone to TST when it happens. It’s to accomodate FP+ and requires more staffing. Thanks though.

  4. I would wait longer to see more Faeries. We’re not actually big fans of Tink so we will be missing this meet and greet entirely now

  5. I would much rather wait and see more than one fairy. When we went a few years ago, our favorite interaction was with Rosetta..not Tink. Seems like Disney is really dropping the ball on these character changes. Every change I hear about the changes it seems to get worse.

  6. Kenny, thanks for all the info on your website and app. Is there anytime to meet multiple fairies at the Flower and Garden festival? Tinkerbell and Terrence were one of our best meets our last vacation, but we would love to see Rosetta or Iridessa or Silvermist.
    Or any other time?

  7. I’m hoping it’s not immediate. We’ll be there in May and would love one last opportunity to see Tink with all of her fairy friends!

  8. Kenny, any new news on this move? We will be there in 8 days! I’ve heard great things about the fairy set-up in Adventureland and hope that my girls will get to experience it!

  9. Boo! This was the one thing my kids were so excited to see. I am surprised that they are dropping the entire greet area, as the new Pirate Fairy movie should increase the popularity this spring.

  10. I think they should keep the fairies where they are and make the Town Square theatre an area to meet Long lost friends/ rare characters all year round!

  11. WDWMagic says Rosetta is returning next week. So it doesn’t look like Tink will be alone anytime soon. I’m really hoping Tink doesn’t go solo!

  12. I don’t understand why we have to choose one or the other? Why can’t they make a Fastpass+ at the current or future location with more than one fairy? Makes me so sad, we visit Tink’s Nook every trip. I’ve grateful now that we went to disney last year during the extra magic week where Tink was visiting with 3 extra friends at the same time. But we still never had the chance to meet Periwinkle, Terrance, or Silvermist. I hope that enough people complain that they scrap this terrible idea…

  13. I’d so wait longer to see one of her friends. It’s worth the wait. I don’t want to never see her friends again.

    I vote for waiting longer for more of her friends

  14. Does this mean the new Pirate Fairy won’t be meeting with her? Since these meet and greet is always used to promote the new movie, that seems like a strange decision.

    I would definitely rather wait longer and meet another Fairy Friend.

  15. Oops forgot to add they are obsessed with Frozen sisters also. Any insight to a better M&G option in the future? I do not want to wait 2+ hours for a character! (Or anything really)

  16. My DDs want to see Merida, Rapunzel and Tink. In what order should we go see them if we go at RD? (for min waits) Merida then Rapunzel then TInk? How quickly do those lines build?

  17. My daughter is really excited to wait longer to see more fairies in 2015. She has been there 2 times already and really enjoys meeting Tinkerbell and her friends. She gets excited to see what friend is with tinkerbell. If they changed it to just tinkerbell then nobody would get to see the other fairies!!!

  18. Really bummed :( My girls were super excited about meeting Tink’s friends (but not so much about meeting Tink herself). I’d heard the lines were bad, but I really hate we won’t get to meet any of the other fairies. Oh well, guess we can skip that one now.

  19. It seems as if disney is always moving and changing something. Goodness. I am beginning to research and create touring plans for our June trip. Seems like as soon as we make a list another thing changes!

  20. If Tink moves in the next month, when will they be adding her to the Fastpass+ list? We are going to be there the last week of February and I’m thinking I may need to replace our Rapunzel fastpass+ with Tink.

  21. Why not turn the now defunct Wonders of Life pavilion at Epcot into Character Central? Put a whole bunch of characters in there and be done with it? All of your characters in one convenient spot.

  22. I had heard that someday the fairies may move to the swiss family treehouse….maybe it’s an interim move? Anyone else read or hear that?

  23. very disappointed. we like tink but we love meeting her friends and it really seems like a waste of space as we used to meet 3 princesses in that greeting area and now they are going to use it for just one fairy. we are lucky to have met most of the fairies. sad to see them no longer offered. seems smarter to utilize the space better. will miss the dole whip snack that was usually part of our wait as well.

  24. Nooooo!!! Wanted to meet Periwinkle! Any specific date as to when this is happening? Might be able to try to see Peri ASAP if she is still there!!!

  25. Oh my, how disappointing! I loved the Nook! The decor, as Disney is famous for theming was outstanding. My granddaughters met them in July and Vidia was an amazing and unexpected meet and greet, she had some interaction with my younger granddaughter that was priceless. And now they’re just going to put Tink in the generic Town Square? How boring will probably skip meeting her altogether in February 2015, when we again.

  26. I find this a little odd of a placement for just Tink unless they are preparing to go back to 3 fairies as was the case when they were back in the old tent where princess were one side and fairies the other. Seems with a new movie coming up shortly they would want the space?? But Tink by herself? I know she is a huge Disney symbol but they have grown the brand so much. We have been lucky to meet Terraance, Fawn, Vidia and most recently Periwinkle with Tink and it is so great…her alone would not draw us into the line again

  27. Kenny will they be recreating pixie hollow in the new location? Tink and her friends were number 1 on my 4 year olds list. So sad for her. I’d rather wait. But why could they not install fp+ at the current location?

  28. Why in the world would they take that large space only for tinkerbell. People need to voice their concerns about not being able to meet other fairies. We were gonna go around winter next year with a #1 purpose of finally meeting perwinkle. So unfair.

  29. Wait was undoable. Handler suggested we come back during MVMCP. Was GREAT. Periwinkle added a lot of fun. Handler was so entertaining. Agree that queue was comfortable. Maybe Town Hall meet will be good, too?

  30. This is so sad! We actually have never met Tink. We had the chance to go through Tink’s nook in Disneyland and meet Fawn and Irridessa. My little girl loved it!! Was looking forward to meeting Rose this spring… I’m so bummed!!

  31. Still haven’t met Irrisdessa, Silvermist or Fawn. So I’m bummed. Might be doing a one-day drive down for farries week if they do it again.

  32. This completely saddens me, my daughters and I love Tink but meeting periwinkle and the other fairies was amazing, we were looking forward to meeting other fairies this may, I’m disappointed! Disney hear our pleas keep all the fairies!!!

  33. Definitely rather wait and have more fairies. I hope the end plan is to transfer the fairy area. I really hope this isn’t gone for good. That would be so sad.

  34. Yeah, this sucks. My daughter loves ALL the fairies! Meeting Periwinkle was more important to her than Tink last time and she loved meeting Vidia and Iridesa too!

  35. I’ve been through the line twice and come away happier meeting the friends than Tink. It’s sad when a 3 year old who is dressed as Tink was more excited about Rosetta talking to her than the one she waited in line for. If they drop the friends I don’t see me or my family voluntarily getting in that line.

  36. What do you think their plans are for that vacant area in Adventureland? That whole corner would be empty!
    Why rush the fairies out if they don’t have plans for it?

    • That room was a restaurant before I believe…and when that closed down- it really was only ever used when needed (like for halloween and special events). I’m sure that area will go back to being just an empty space used for special events and other times when an extra space is needed.

  37. BOOO! This was a RD event for us mainly because we liked Tink + friends. It seems such a shame because the area is themed nicely and well situated with that glorious AC, videos and dole whips. I guess I can hold out hope Frozen M&G might get a decent theming upgrade still.

  38. Wow, this really upsets me. Despite that I have been luckily enough to meet all the fairies, I’m really sad that they are pulling them completely. I always loved the Disney Fairies line and I’m just ridiculously sad that they seem to be just dropping it.

  39. We love having the other fairies as well. The wait was inside & the fairy videos made the wait seem better. Also getting a dole whip to have while waiting made the wait fly by. I always think it is more worth the wait when you get more than 1 character with one wait.

  40. Oh no! !!! My daughter was really looking forward to this meet and greet! I would definitely rather wait and see more characters than have to waste one of my fastpasses and only see 1

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