1. Hi Ken any training on Sundays at Epcot were going Sunday November 3rd hoping to meet a couple of those rare charcters you have met there thanks

  2. Where do characters in training usually appear and will cast members be able to tell you who might appear on a given day? Best I can tell from your wonderfully informative site, this might be the only way to find Donald in his sailor suit. Is that so? Also a quick MNSSHP question…..Will Minnie not be appearing with Mickey after 9/20/13 and if so, why is that? I will be at the party on 9/24/13 and really wanted to see them together in their costumes. Thanks for all that you do!

  3. Hey kenny what time of the day do they do the training at Epcot do they training on Weekends ? Hanks and your pics with Liver Lips are awesome

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