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Limited Time Magic: Dog Days of Summer at the Magic Kingdom. Photos and Video

Dug Dog Days of Summer 2013

Dog Days of Summer 2013

On Thursday, August 29th I met up with my buddy Josh and we hung out at the Magic Kingdom, had a bite to eat at Cosmic Rays (The half chicken meal was good and I only subjected Twitter followers to the photo of the food), did a few attractions and I wanted to stop in to see the Dog Days of Summer Dance Party.  First I noticed Stitch as Lilo’s dog with his new accouterments.

Stitch Dog Days of Summer 2013

Pluto was freely distributing hugs to the kids, but not doing actual meet and greets.  He’s my little girl’s favorite character.Pluto Dog Days of Summer 2013

One of the highlights of the dance party was Bolt.  The dance party wasn’t very busy, but Bolt always had a number of people wanting to find a way to sneak a pic with him because he rarely visits Walt Disney World and never visits Magic Kingdom.
Bolt Dog Days of Summer 2013

Bolt Dog Days of Summer 2013


I wonder if DJ K9’s tshirt is available on Ebay or something?  I really like the shirt and would have bought one, but all they had to offer was glowy stuff.  They weren’t distributing the autograph cards as I had heard they were earlier in the week.  The cards were shaped like a bone.DJ K9 Dog Days of Summer 2013

Can’t have too much love for Bolt!Bolt Dog Days of Summer 2013

There was one little game for the kiddies to play off to the side.Dog Days of Summer 2013

My favorite part was Squirt the Fire Hydrant!  He was kind of like Push the Trashcan, but he squirted kids and rolled around.  Many in the toddler crowd thought he was a new ride and tried to ride him around Tomorrowland.  Parents thought it was funny.  He had to stop each time a kid would climb on.  He would be a cool addition to entertainment, but with parents not keeping little junior from riding him like a horse, we may never see him again.

Squirt the Fire Hydrant Dog Days of Summer 2013


Dug was on hand to dance with the kids of all ages.  He looked really excited to finally be invited to a dance party.  I never saw Rover from Carousel of Progress, apparently he’s still bolted to the floor?Dug Dog Days of Summer 2013

Later on, Bolt was a little more willing to accomodate a few photo ops.  He would pose then dance and move, then pose, then dance, then move, then pose.  You get the picture…it’s right below.

DSC01887It was a cute little diversion from the typical 626 Dance Party that occurs daily at the Magic Kingdom, but certainly not something for which to book a vacation.


  1. Will they be holding any of these Dgog Daysbdance parties in September? We are going next weekend and my daughter loves Bolt. She is dressing as him for MNSSHP on the 10th. Thanks.

  2. We were there last week for the Dog Days dance party on Tuesday 27th and it was a really fun time. Bolt is a huge favorite for us and I was able to grab a few pics of the 2 year old getting a hug. There were 4 games for the kids to play and we got 15-20 of those bone autograph cards. I’d be happy to send you a couple if you’d like.

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