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POLL: Which attraction runs out of FASTPASS first most days?


Take a guess at which attraction runs out of FASTPASS before the others most days.  I’ll reveal your answers and the actual attraction tomorrow!

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  1. I’ve only been to Disney once & only used a fast pass for Soarin’…it’s been awhile so I can’t quite remember how it works. I know there is a time on the fast pass when you can use it, a 2 hour time period, if I remember correctly. Can you use your fast pass before or after the set time?….Going to Disney in 31 sleeps & I really want to take advantage of as many fast passes as possible this time….We’re going to try some of your touring plans, not sure how that’s going to work just yet with a smoker in the family! I think our “walkie talkies” will come in handy!

    • It’s actually an hour time period, and you may return your fastpass 5 minutes before your time, or 15 minutes after.

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