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Long-lost Friends schedule for July 15-21

Prince John, Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, Sheriff of Nottingham

EDIT:  I forgot to mention locations:

Robin Hood – Left side of flag pole

Chicken Little – Right side of flag pole

Brers – in front of Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Facilier and Louis – portico on the right as you enter Magic Kingdom, it’s the exit to Town Square Theater area.

If you’ve followed the blog very long, one of my pet peeves is the word “intermittently.”  I hate it when a company, especially Disney,  announces it’s entertainment as occurring “intermittently.”  The only thing I have in my life that happens intermittently is my windshield wipers.  We all operate on schedules and the characters do as well.  It’s no less magical to tell guests when the characters will appear!  I just don’t understand why they don’t just tell the guests who actually care what time to expect characters to appear.  With that said, Disney provided the 9:00am to 2:10 “intermittently” for its Long-lost Friends characters at the Magic Kingdom this week.

A couple of friends had tipped me off that the Brers, Robin Hood gang and Chicken Little with Abby would appear for 20 minutes and be offstage for 10 minutes.  That means they appear at 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11:30, 12:00…  That actually happened.   In addition, I was told that Dr. Facilier would appear for 40 minutes and take a 20 minute break.  He was really consistent for 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00, then the schedule got kind of confusing and he eventually came back at 1:50 and 2:30.

My friend Denise at Mousesteps.com was informed that the characters would stay out until 5:00 pm by a CM working with the Long-lost Friends.  Are you confused yet?  “Intermittently” is actually a code word for “confuse the guests and call it magic.”

Here’s what we know for sure:

1.  They begin at rope drop and that’s the best time to meet these friends.  You’ll see shorter lines with everyone running off to Peter Pan, Space Mountain and the Carousel of Progress.

2.  The furs did do 20/10 sets and Facilier/Louise did 40/20 sets for 3 or so hours before the schedule was strange.  At one point in the afternoon Louis appeared by himself for a bit until Facilier appeared.

3.  “Intermittently” needs to be retired from the Walt Disney World dictionary.


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