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Adventurers Outpost opening and Farewell Eeyore


Eeyore will be leaving the Animal Kingdom at closing of the park on May 9.  This means that Eeyore will only be available at Crystal Palace or training meets.  I had heard rumblings for a while that Eeyore would be cut, but hoped they would change their minds.  Winnie the Pooh and Tigger will move into Camp Minnie Mickey.  Pooh and Tigger move into
Camp on May 10.

Donald and Daisy will move to Discovery Island boat dock where the Pooh characters are currently meeting.  This will be a return to Animal Kingdom for Daisy, who used to meet during lunch in Camp Minnie Mickey.  This area will offer FASTPASS + once that system is completed. 

Mickey and Minnie will move into the all new Adventurers Outpost beginning May 12 as predicted earlier.  This offers guests another indoor air-conditioned meet and greet for Mickey.  It hasn’t been announced if they will meet as a couple or separate.


  1. I ate at CP just to see piglet last year and it was the worst dining experience I ever had at Disney. We won’t eat there again just to see another character.

  2. We will miss by a day/a few days. I wonder if they will do a soft opening for Mickey/Minnie inside? Probably not ,but I would love to see them in a new place on the 9th when were there. If not ill have to wait until my sept trip.

  3. Very disappoiinted that Eeyore is being retired. We just ate at CP this past Saturday evening, and the character interaction was very brief and the handlers were very on top of every situation, moving each character quickly from table to table, but the restaurant was half empty as we had an early ADR, it was around 4:30pm. It seems as time goes on, the interaction at CP declines little by little and we’ve done this meal numerous times.
    It was still a decent time, but it was expensive, even with my TiW discount for a family of 4,(2 adults, 10yr old, 13yr old). ouch. I feel for families who would want to eat at CP for the meal and characters but just can’t afford it.
    Thanks for the info Kenny…hoping one of these days you will be reporting of permanent rare characters coming back to the Parks.

  4. Is Beast at every meal for BOG? That will give me another reason to be waiting to get that reservation in at our 180 day mark..

  5. We will be there may 4-11 where will Mickey and Minnie and goofy and Pluto and Donald be before these changes take place an will daisy be anywhere before this? We will probably be at animal kingdom on either the 6th or 8th?

  6. Very disappointed that Eeoyre is being retired. You can meet Tigger everywhere with Pooh, each park should have a different friend with Pooh. So frustrating that Disney is having certain characters exclusive to character meals (Bog for Beast, Crystal Palace for Piglet and now Eeoyre) For us personally, we go to these meals anyway however many people can’t or don’t.

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