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Rumor: Three Caballeros may meet for Limited Time Magic


I was told last week that Panchito Pistoles and Jose Carioca will join Donald for Limited Time Magic at Epcot’s Mexico pavilion to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  I heard that this will begin on May 5th and run for a week.  These don’t come out often, so be sure to visit them if you are in the area if this event comes about.

This hasn’t been confirmed by Disney


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  1. Any confirmation yet? We’re planning a day trip just for these guys! ( I have two brothers and they’ve always been special to us!)
    Love love love your blog!

  2. Looking forward to the iphone app Kenny! Curious what the chances are for Sofia the First and/or Doc McStuffins to be available at H&V meals or park greetings by Nov.? It’s all my daughter keeps talking about it meeting Sofia!

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