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Limited Time Magic: What’s up for the week of January 28th?



Yup, you read it correctly, Walt Disney World is offering NOTHING for Limited Time Magic for the week of January 25th.  They are finishing up the third, and most successful Walt Disney World offering of Long-lost Friends with nothing.  All they want you to do this week is help choose a logo for 2014.  Everyone thought Elvis Stitch being added to the 626 Dance Party and “Winter Wonderland” were weak attempts at MAGIC. Well, they’ve topped themselves with asking you to vote on a logo to help sell Tshirts for 11 months from now!  The expenditure for this special week:  ZERO.   They could have at least made a contest for guests to submit their own artwork into a contest to win a trip or even a plush, a vinylmation, a pin or even a Dole Whip.

(All artwork and the dumb idea is copyright Disney)

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Just for giggles let’s vote here instead:

[polldaddy poll=6855051]

This is what Disney said, “As we wrap up a week of special appearances from long-lost Disney friends for “Limited Time Magic” at Walt Disney World Resort, we’re now ready to share what’s next at Disney Parks. And this time, we’re looking for your help.

Vote now, and let us know which of the three original 2014 designs is your favorite. The winning style will be revealed later this year and then featured on select limited edition merchandise within the new dated art program. The merchandise will only be available at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort throughout 2014.”

Make your decision today because, just like many of our “Limited Time Magic” experiences, the voting will be available for one week only, from January 25 – 31, 2013.”


  1. Wow, we will be there Feb 7-12th. I am really hoping for some magic even if it is limited lol! But nothing just is lame. They should release the schedule at least 2 weeks in advance too. I think their marketing team is sleeping on the job over there!

  2. :( We arrive Tuesday and will be there through Monday the 5th…(coming home the 5th…so parks till the 4th) Hoping they roll out something magical for the following week so we might luck out on the last two days of our trip. Oh, well…We didn’t plan our trip around the LImited Time Magic…just hoping for a perk or two :(

    • We are going the exact same time! I am disappointed. I guess there is always the superbowl parade but that isn’t even a sure thing. I wish they would just keep going with the Lost friends or give us some characters in football costumes.

  3. Don’t forget the week where they tried to pass off ear hats that were already available as part of limited time magic.

    But for as lame as that was, at least it was something that was physically in the parks. This lame voting isn’t even something you can do at the parks. No ballot box in a store or anything!

  4. i’d say the lamest thing possible, but they have all year to top this. So far the only thing i feel sorry i missed was the older characters.

  5. So if they keep this up, I’m thinking nothing this coming week, something the 1st week of Feb., something for Valentine’s week, then skip the 3rd week. So hopefully that means something going on our vacation dates, Feb. 24-March 4! Of course, they have to offer something truly great to top what they’ve already had! @.@

  6. Boo! i saw this and figured they had to announce something else because this couldn’t be “it”. The good news is that I’m not missing anything. No need for anyone to book a last minute trip this week.

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