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Hollywood Studios Extreme Plan (EXTRA MAGIC HOUR)

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Hollywood Studios Character Touring Plans
Extreme Plan Extreme Plan (EMH)    

This plan is designed to help you meet every character in Hollywood Studios in one day using Morning Extra Magic Hour.

Click on a character’s name to see character photo, map, interaction tips and trivia.


Arrive at Hollywood Studios no later than 7:45 am.  At rope drop, send a runner to get Toy Story Mania Fastpass while you head to the Sorcerer’s Hat to meet Daisy, Donald & Minnie.  After meeting them wait around for Stitch and Chip n Dale.   Your final set will be Goofy & Pluto
Daisy & Donald Sorcerer’s Hat
Minnie Mouse Sorcerer’s Hat
Stitch Sorcerer’s Hat
Chip n Dale Sorcerer’s Hat
Goofy & Pluto Sorcerer’s Hat
After meeting Goofy & Pluto and Chp n Dale, make your way over to Phineas and Ferb’s meet which is located near the exit to Muppet Vision 3D.  If you beat the exit crowd from the first show, you’re well ahead of the game.
Phineas & Ferb Muppetvision Exit
Lightning & Mater Muppetvision Exit
After meeting Phineas and Ferb and getting a photo with Lightning and Mater, make your way around to the Backlot Tour exit to meet Mike & Sulley together when they first arrive.  You should be able to use your Toy Story Mania Fastpass and send runner to get another for a different attraction.
Mike Wazowski & Sulley Backlot Tour Exit
Make your way to the Magic of Animation.  Meet with Wreck-it Ralph and Vanellope.  You might find the Green Army Men out, if not come back after meeting Handy Manny.
Wreck-it Ralph & Vanellope Magic of Animation
If Mickey has a short line, go ahead and meet him now.  If not, meet Mickey later in the day after 5:00pm for  a shorter wait.  Next we’ll leave the Magic of Disney Animation and meet the Jake and Handy Manny next to Disney Jr in the Animation Courtyard.
Jake Animation Courtyard
Handy Manny Animation Courtyard
IF you didn’t see a Green Army Man earlier, take a look now near Toy Story Mania
Green Army Men Pixar Place
Grab a Fastpass for your favorite attraction now.  You could see a show if you want too.  You have until late afternoon to enjoy the park.  Let’s head back to Magic of Disney Animation sometime around 5:00pm to meet the Incredibles and Sorcerer Mickey
Frozone & Mr. Incredible Magic of Animation
11:30-2:20  Enjoy some rides!
Sorcerer Mickey Magic of Animation
Make your way to see Buzz and Woody at your convenience.   I recommend going just before park closing if the line exceeds 20 minutes.
Buzz & Woody Pixar Place