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Chip n Dale relocated at Animal Kingdom



Chip n Dale have relocated from Camp Minnie Mickey to Rafiki’s Planet Watch.  Evidently chipmunks are the first creatures to sense the future destruction of Camp Minnie Mickey.  Those guys should warn the other characters of the impending doom.  At least it gives character hunters two reasons to visit this very out of the way place.

Oh, someone should tell WDW that all the Animal Kingdom characters are apparently still asleep at 1:30pm according to “My Disney Experience.”

At least “Mobile Magic” knows that the chipmunks are awake, but doesn’t tell you when you can meet them.



  1. Is Pocahontas still at Rafiki Planet Watch? Its the only place we found her besides F! Even the AK information kiosk didn’t know where she was, told us to go to C minnie mickey, but she was at the Conservation station.

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