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Does this ring a Belle? Belle leaves CRT and TST



With Belle working toward relocating to New Fantasyland, she will no longer meet soon at Cinderella’s Royal Table for any meals.  Jasmine is now taking her place on a regular basis.
Belle will soon be leaving Town Square Theater and Aurora will fill her spot leaving three blondes in TST, Rapunzel, Aurora, Cinderella. I’ve heard this could occur as early as later this week.  When this occurs, one will only be able to meet Belle at Epcot for standard meet and greets with autograph opportunities.


  1. The last time I was at Akershus a few years ago, Belle was the ‘hostess’. Has it or will this change and to whom? Trying to plan for my Nov. trip

  2. It kind of stinks that I’ve been doing all this planning to have characters changed right before I go. Since Epcot is not planned for my trip, looks like I may have to skip her this time. :(

  3. Very disappointing to hear Belle will no longer be at TST and CRT. They should give Belle her own character meal. They could have Beast as the greeter that you got your photo with and Belle, Gaston and maybe LaFou or her father.

  4. I didn’t realize Aurora was an alternating Princess in the past….HOPEFULLY she will be a little more ‘friendly’ than she has been in the past. Cinderella and Belle were always wonderful with my dd, the last time Aurora was very standoffish, the photo’s even show it! It will be great to see Rapunzel on a definite basis.

  5. Yeah! I asked on the DIS boards about Jasmine and knew she was hit-or-miss at the meals. Glad to hear she will be a regular, now. Jasmine is my granddaughter’s favorite.

  6. With Aurora now a full time princess in TST, does that mean Rapunzel will now meet all day as opposed to the alternating they have been doing after 4?

  7. What about the Princess Dining at Epcot? It is usually Belle you meet and get the photo pkg with there? Any news if this is changing? You can get her autograph there too. Not just on France. And she is in her yellow gown there.

  8. Kenny, any idea why they are pulling Beast and Belle so early? Are there any indications that any parts of the Beauty and the Beast area of the FLE will open to the public ahead of the Nov 19 date?

  9. Thanks for the update Kenny. We are so sad to see her go, could you remind me where in Epcot we can see her? I know we’ve seen her in Akershus but would prefer not to spend an arm and a leg on every trip to see her. Will she be in the new FLE when that opens?

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