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New character rumors for Magic Kingdom and Epcot



(Rumors until officially confirmed by Disney of course)

It’s been a great, busy week in the character world.  We’ve received confirmation and artwork for Pete’s Silly Sideshow and heard that Gaston will join the Enchanted Forest crew and reminded you that Ariel will move back to fin form as well.

Well, I have received more exciting news for the Magic Kingdom.  Marie is said to be moving from Epcot to Magic Kingdom to take Daisy’s spot at the flag pole, Chip n Dale will relocate to Donald’s spot in Frontierland (reported previously) and Captain Hook and Mr. Smee will return to take over Goofy’s spot at the Pirate’s ride!

I have read on another character blog that Beast would leave Epcot to move to Magic Kingdom, but that rumor seems to have no credence for meet and greets.

The Princesses will receive a grand new makeover with new dresses, hairstyles and shoes when their new area opens in 2013.  Could we hope for Aurora as Briar Rose???

Donald will leave the character spot in Epcot and Daisy will move into that spot.  Donald will remain Mexico.  Stitch is said to be relocating to a yet unknown location.

Enjoy your character hunting made easier!

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  1. I would love it if they added Briar Rose. Or even Aurora in blue gown (since she wears that more than the pink in the movie), although I realize they probably can’t do that or people would confuse her with Cinderella. I’m all for updating her in some way, though. I think she has the worst hairstyle of any princess; combined with the weird crown she looks pretty silly in all of our pictures.

  2. Last year when we went to Disney I made the kids autograph book. All it was was 5″x6″ cardstock squares with a picture of the character on each page. I then bound the stack of cards with 2 binder rings. The characters loved seeing their picture on their page. Once I got home I cut the extra inch off the cards so we could add the autographs beside the picture of the characters with my kids. We got almost all of the characters, but we missed Captian Hook, Mr. Smee and Jessie. We, (me) are very excited to be able to get the Captain Hook and Mr. Smee when we go again next year.

  3. Oh, Kenny! Please, please, please let it be possible that Briar Rose will make an appearance. With Chip and Dale moving, will we be seeing them in new costumes as well?

    Also, where will be able to find Donald in his sailor outfit when he’s pulled out of the Character Spot? That will be a little disappointing.

  4. Kenny, the new princess look is modeled after the new princess merch line at the Disney Store. Frankly, it’s very disturbing…no Briar Rose or short haired Rapunzel. It’s a modernization.

  5. Any idea when Captain Hook and Mr. Smee will be moving to Pirates? Hoping that it’s before the 1st of October. They are the main characters that our son still is desperate to see!

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