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New Animal Kingdom meet and greet area coming soon


A new indoor, themed meet and greet area is coming to Animal Kingdom theme park.  Beastly Bazaar will close August 12th in order to re-theme it for this new meet area.


  1. Ok for ac I can deal with it, but there’s no way that new area will hold as many characters as they placed in the camp right? I’m wondering of this was behind all the character disappearances? But the rafinki area at conservation station had room for characters still….we want characters and NOT the same ones!

    • I guess it all remains to be seen how Animal Kingdom will shake out. I’m sure most guests will appreciate some AC in a usually hot and humid park. Plus I really feel for the characters, friends and photopass guys in the summer.

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  2. As much as I love the Fab Four, one thing I enjoyed about AK’s M&Gs is the ability to meet more unique characters like the now removed Ms Bunny, Thumper, Timon, Flik, Meeko and Jiminy. I hope in having this new M&G with the Fab Four, they continue use Camp MM for Baloo, King Louie, the Br’ers and other characters not found in abundance around the parks. We loved Kenai and Koda at DLR and they would feel right at home in AK!

    • I agree that it was a great park for unique characters. It could be again some day, we’ll just have to wait and see. We used to meet Br’ers and Koda & Kenai in Camp a few years ago.

  3. Who was at the Beastly Bazaar? And where was it? Going Aug 21st to AK. How will this affect us? Thanks!! Our main character we want to meet there is Pocahontas!

    • Beastly Bazaar was just a store so it being closed shouldn’t impact you. Pocahontas is still meeting at Camp Mickey/Minnie so you should be fine!

  4. Great news! Do you know what the theme of this meet & greet will be and/or who will meet here? Any chance we might see the return of a few of the recently departed?

      • I know this is pure speculation, but do you think this might have to do with the Avatarland expansion? I’ve read rumors that it would/could be in the general vacinity of Camp M/M.

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