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Mobile Order to be offered at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café

Starting July 18, 2017, Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café will be added to the list of Walt Disney World restaurants offering Mobile Order. Continue reading Mobile Order to be offered at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café

Get the best Disney World planning tool by saving 20% on a Character Locator subscription

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Are you or a friend planning a trip to Disney World in the coming year?  You’ll want the BEST Disney World Planning tool available!

Our discount offer has been such a success that we’re extending it to January 28, 2017!  We’re offering a 20% off savings on Disney World Character Locator full year subscriptions!

With your subscription, you get:

  1.  FULL character and show schedules 24 hours a day
  2. Detailed ride descriptions including ADA information and seating info.
  3. Menus for all restaurants and food carts in the parks
  4. An accurate look at crowd predictions, park hours and special events
  5. Custom park maps with every character location and ride information
  6. The only fully detailed touring plans that include when to meet all the best characters!
  7. Much more coming soon

Kennythepirate's Character Locator app

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9 Reasons you should subscribe to Character Locator #characterlocator

9 Reasons you should subscribe to Character Locator.

Many people wonder if Character Locator is a good purchase for their Disney World vacation.  Yes, it is the best investment for your vacation.  If you are going to spend months planning a perfect vacation, but don’t have all the tools in a single place, you’ll spend dozens of hours searching and still likely won’t find all this great info.  Here’s 9 reasons you should subscribe to Character Locator #characterlocator.  Continue reading 9 Reasons you should subscribe to Character Locator #characterlocator

How’s the new Character Locator app coming along?

I’ve been tweeting images  and comparisons to another popular app over the last few days as we complete work on the NEW Character Locator+ app Version 2.1568992317.  Okay, that’s enough of the silliness.  You guys want details, facts, cheeseburgers! The largest majority of the app and the programming are completed.  I’m working on entering menus for all the Counter and Table Services locations for all Four Parks.  I had NO idea that there are over 140 of those and it will take about 15,000 entries to complete that.  I’m about half finished with the menus now.  I can’t get the trained monkeys to stop eating the bananas and get back to entering data that I collected on my recent fact finding mission.  It’s funny because I tweeted that I was working at the parks and people thought I was kidding.  I’ve taken photos of every ride, show, character, dining location and menu in all four parks.  Does that qualify me for a Wreck-it Ralph HERO award?

Continue reading How’s the new Character Locator app coming along?