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Cast Members Happily Return to the Magic in Large Numbers

It has been quite a year for Disney Cast Members with Park closures and extended furloughs. Check out the amazing number...

Disney CEO Chapek’s New Corporate Structure creates confusion and frustration

What changes has Bob Chapek made to the Walt Disney Company at the executive level since taking over? Read on for details....

Disney CEO Bob Chapek Buys a New Multi-Million Dollar Home

When one is the CEO of a multi-billion company such as Disney, a nice house comes with the territory. Bob Chapek...

When Will the Magic Return to the Disney Parks?

As Walt Disney World reopened they introduced Health and Safety guidelines. Many have questioned how long face mask, social distancing markers,...

Disney Reveals Top Executive Pay for 2020

In a statement to Disney shareholders, the company released details of their top executive's compensation. Read on for more.