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KennythePirate Advertising

KennythePirate Advertising

Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m KennythePirate and I’ve been blogging regularly about Disney destinations for more than 8 years. My blog reach has grown to become a major influencer for those looking for Disney news and quality, first-hand planning information. All the opinions shared on this website are those of the writer with the right to be honest about their experiences, but are Disney-loving people.

About Me

I took the moniker KennythePirate as a result of entering a contest known as the “Disney Dream Job” that was presented by Careerbuilder. I had the opportunity become a real Disney Cast Member for a day and actually performed on stage with Captain Jack Sparrow and his band of scurvy pirates. It was a dream come true!

My family traveled to Disney destinations beginning in 1990 and we became experts at touring the parks with as little waiting in lines as possible and great knowledge at locating characters. That love of the parks and experiences led me to begin this blog. It originated with character information, and now covers every branch of the Disney experience.

Social Stats

(Through December 2020)

Rey has begun meeting guests at Disneyland!

I’m very heavily focused on Facebook and Google response outreach as they receive the best return on time spent.

2020 Website Views: 9.2 Million

2020 Website Visitors: 4.9 Million

Facebook Page: 73,402

Facebook Group: 33,600

Twitter: 11,100

Instagram: 10,500

Cost of Advertisement

Right Side bar 300×300: $400

Right Side bar 300×600: $800

Top of every post 672×200: $1200

Middle of every post 300×600: $1800

Prices are per month. If you’re interested in combining side bar and in post ads, contact me for package pricing.

Maximum exposure is in the mid-post advertisement with more than 9 million views in 2020 and growing! That’s less than a fraction of a cent per view!

KennythePirate is now a TEAM effort
  • Minimum 3 month commitment with full payment up front.
  • Any contract over $3000 for 3 month commitment is entitled to produce three blog posts advertising their business. (Kenny has editorial right before posting) This can include giveaways, discount offers or informational posts.


Contact me directly at

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