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  1. I am doing a split stay in December. 12/12-12/14 at the Dolphin and 12/14-12/18 (rented points for GF). Will I have to book my fast passes separately for both stays? IE: fast passes for the first 3 days 10/12 and then the second part of the stay 10/14?

    • If the first stay has all your ticket days, you can book fill trip. If your tickets are split, you’ll have to wait for second set of fp

  2. Question about scoring fast passes for FoP. I tried to book them yesterday at 7 AM EST for the two of us, which is 30 days out from our trip. I took Na’vi river journey and tried on and off all day yesterday to modify it to FoP with no luck. I’ve also tried today to modify it unsuccessfully. Should I try each day to modify it or should I wait until about a week before the trip or even three days before the trip to work on modifying it? Wondering if and when Disney releases more fast passes…

    • You have ZERO chance of getting FoP or Slinky Dog at 30 days out. They are gone by 62 days out. If you try every day for FP others dropped, you might get lucky, but it’s easier to show up 60 minutes before park opening and go straight to those rides.

      • Thanks for the heads up! We’re staying at ASM in October. Can we book our fast passes for the entire four-day stay when the 60 day booking window opens? Should we book fast passes for the very last day of our trip first and then work our way backwards?

  3. Hi! When booking Fastpasses, do you recommend scheduling day-by-day or in order of the ride’s importance? In other words, should I book Slinky, Frozen, 7 Dwarves and then go back and add rides to each day? Or should I schedule day-by-day, starting, as you suggest with the last day first? Thanks!

  4. My family (party of 6) is going to be at Magic Kingdom on December 2 and will attend MVMCP that evening. We selected FastPasses this morning and were not able to get a M&G with Rapunzel at 4:30 PM. Do you think that some FastPasses will become available before the actual date?

    If not, our other option is to go straight to either Rapunzel or Merida immediately after our Crystal Palace 8:05 breakfast on Sunday, November 27. Which option would you suggest or do you have another suggestion?

    Thank you!!

    • I’m so glad you posted this question. I tried this morning for our 60 day mark- December 7 and had the same issue with M & G for Rapunzel. I checked the entire week of our stay with no availability. I also noticed the M & G for Cinderella was also not unavailable. So, what is this- a new round of Disney cuts? Are they getting rid of the princess now as well? YIKES- I shouldn’t even joke!

  5. What happens if I book a room, get my fast passes at the 60-day mark, and then cancel the room before incurring any penalty? Do I lose my fastpasses

  6. Hey Kenny! Getting ready to make our fastpass selections and I have a few questions for you. For our day at AK we are heading straight to Kilimanjaro Safari at park open, do you think we should still get a FP for that or use our FP for something else? For our day at Epcot we are headed straight to the Frozen ride at park open, do you think we still need a FP for that or should we use that FP on something else? Thank you so much for your help!!

    • You better arrive at Epcot an hour or more early, then get close to the rope at Mexico.
      I find it much less stressful to use FP at Frozen

  7. Hi! I have received mix reviews of star tours at Hollywood. We have a 4 (boy) and 5 yr old (girl) that meet the height requirement. Do you think they are too young for this ride?

  8. Kenny do you think it’s advise able to use a fast pass for Its a Small World on Aug 21 because it is the last day opened before closing for repairs?

  9. I had a FP+ reservation for Toy Story Mania for May 29th and got an email today saying it’s “no longer available” and was booked for Fantasmic instead. Does this happen a lot?

  10. Kenny

    If i am staying off property starting June 10th what time can I start making my fastpasses tonight?


  11. I have a fast pass question. I know I’m not to my 60 day period yet but when I click on fast pass the first thing it wants me to do is link my hotel reservation. When I do this it reads, “This reservation was made by JoEl and is already linked to a Disney account. Please contact JoEl regarding this reservation.”

    Is this normal because I’m not to the 60 day point? I feel like it should at least link the account and say something different. Please let me know if I need to call tech support because I will be sitting there at midnight yelling at it. haha


    • Not normal, but nothing is normal with MDE right now. Whole thing is a big mess. If you see this the day before, call Disney It dept

  12. Have they updated the fastpass yet so that you can book additional fastpasses, after you finished the 3, from your phone or do you still have to go to a Kiosk?

  13. Kenny,

    Our FastPass+ window opens tonight for our stay from 6-11 June. When I log on tonight to MDE, will A&E be listed during that week as being at Epcot or still in MK? Just want to make sure I grab it ASAP. Thanks for everything!

  14. Will characters be at Chef Mickey and Crystal Palace brunch/ lunch times or just dinner. Also…..Bringing my 3yr old grandson and looking at the closing and refurbishments for May 5-11 2016 seems like we should be ok for what he can do…any rhoughts? You have great info!!!

  15. Thank you, we have them for the stuff we really want to hit, so we might just take whatever is first available to minimize wait times and hit more rides. Good to know we can make them count!

  16. All our fast passes are set for the morning? Depending on what we choose, how many FP+ can we hope to get (if we just take first available instead of choosing one particular attraction)? Is it possible to get 5 or 6 or more?

  17. Hi Kenny, I’ve been looking for 3 FP for FOF for Dec 8 since my 60 day window opened it. I read on dibb that that week was unavailable. I’ve been checking every day, is it possible that I missed the window? Thanks for your help. Love your site

  18. Hi I’m looking for some advice please?!

    I have some friends going at the same time as us but they are staying offsite, we are onsite, if I’ve linked them to my MDE (as I’ve made us a couple of dining reservations all together) can I book some of their FPs too when my 60 days date arrives so that we can do a few park days together?

    • No, they cannot begin booking FP until 30 days out. Likely, they won’t find FP for Anna/Elsa and possibly Seven Dwarfs Mine train.

  19. We are going to MK and Epcot next weekend. I have Fastpasses booked for both. When we’ve used them up, can I just make additional ones on my phone through Disney app or do we have to do it in person?

    Also, at Epcot, we have a Soarin’ FP+, but is it possible to get a Test Track one later in day?

  20. I know Anna & Elsa Meet & Greet and 7 Dwarfs Mine Train are available to book 60 days in advance..If you are staying on resort can you book all fast passes 60 days in advance or only the couple that are listed then the rest 30 days in advance?

    Thank you!!

    • All FP+ are available 60 days in advance, but you’re not likely to find Anna/Elsa less than 60 and you’ll want to begin with LAST MK day and work backwards

  21. I know you can only pre- reserve 3 FP+ per day, and once they are used, you can reserve a FP+ one at a time. My question is, when you go to a FP+ kiosk to reserve a FP+ attraction, does it have to be in the park that the kiosk is located? For example, if I was in the Animal Kingdom, and used all my prereserved FP+ options, can I select an attraction at Hollywood Studios? Or do I need to do that from a Hollywood Studios FP + kiosk?

    • Yes only in the park you are physically in. You can park hop and get a single one there, but pickings will be slim except mk

  22. HI

    I got a question. It will be my 3 time to Disney and for my friend it is her first. She was looking maybe getting FP+ for the Parades at Magic Kingdom. What is the benefit on having a FP+ for the Parades?


    • Currently FP for parades is near Flag Pole. Benefit is slightly less wait. Disadvantage is full sun exposure.

  23. Hi Kenny! Love your site and have secured all the FP+ I want. One question- Are Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin and the Toy Story Midway Mania rides very similar? I’m not sure we need to do both if they are. Thanks!

  24. Trying to book FP for the Frozen Sing Along on June 17ish. On my disney experience it says it is down for refurbishment even though all disney literature shows it will be back starting june 17. How can we crack this nut?

  25. After we use our 3 allotted Fast passes for the day, can we use one Fast Pass at a time at a different park later that evening?

    • Yes, provided they still have availability. You likely won’t find any headliner rides at Epcot or Hollywood Studios in the evening.

  26. How long do we generally have to wait in a FastPass+ line (if we are on time for our FP+ reservation, of course).

    I mean, say my FP+ reservation for A&E is at 10:00, there must be other people who have the same reservation time as my group.

  27. Thanks kenny!! We have reservation at 815 @ H&V for my 5 yr old niece so not too sure how close to rope drop we will get out of there….I love your site and am hoping to see Dopey at character palooza, my 20 yr old daughter would love to meet him ;) thanks to you, it may be possible!!

  28. Hi kenny!! Can you tell me, if we use a fp on toy story mania and star tours, could we then get rockn coaster from tier 1 at the park?? (after we use the other 2 fp) or, do we HAVE to use 3 fp before getting the 4th, even if there is nothing worth using it on??? Thanks!!!!

    • On a regular computer cancel Star Tours and your 3rd one. Use TSMM early and go to Kiosk to get RRC. But you’d come out the same by doing TSMM at rope drop and reserving RRC, ToT and Star Tours for later in the day.

    • Try to bring something simple and they love homemade things, but not food items that aren’t factory sealed. Think of something that comes from their movie.

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