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Rare Characters at Disney World

Updated July 11, 2016

By placing the character locations and schedules on the net, it was my hope to help some people locate their favorite character more easily. Some characters were listed on the Times Guide, but others were (are) left off the Times Guide. The official Disney line was “ask a Cast Member.” That can be helpful at times, but other times the hard-working cast members just don’t know the answers or haven’t worked there long enough to answer guests questions. At other times the schedules were guarded like State secrects in a black box with handcuffs attached. Recently, one blog/twitter follower said she was given 5 different answers when she asked where Mary Poppins was meeting for Limited Time Magic – True Love Week. I hoped to help people know where to go and when to go there to meet their favorite characters. It was my experience on Ultimate Tours that character meets were always the longest lines, even when the meets were well-planned. Of course, we were trying to do EVERY attraction and EVERY character in the same day which we first accomplished in June, 2011.

Big Bad Wolf and 3 pigs facebook

Currenlty, there are over 50 different characters available for regular, scheduled, in-park meets. There are several other characters that can be met by paying a fee for a meal or character experience that don’t meet regularly. But, what about the “Rare” characters? Where do they meet and how can you find them? Some characters like Abby Mallard, Angelica, Chicken Little, Iridessa, Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, Prince Caspian, Rhino, Silvermist and the Power Rangers are practically impossible or gone from Walt Disney World. But there are other characters who do show up from time to time in set locations, but NO SET SCHEDULES. Well, no set schedules that the public will see.

Some characters may only appear once or twice a year like Shang (right before Christmas parade) or Shan-Yu in Epcot.  Recently, Eric appeared for several meets in Epcot and in the past Megara might pop in once or twice a year.  Other characters who regularly appear in the parks use Epcot to train their attendants and photographers.  One might also see characters training for the Halloween Party in mid-August in Epcot or Animal Kingdom.  A rare, random meet, like seeing Mushu in Epcot might happen from time to time, but the list below are characters that are a bit more difficult to find.  Maybe you’ll get lucky and find Governor Ratcliffe or the Brers in Camp Minnie Mickey.

With the help of a good friend, I was able to compose this non-exhaustive list of characters who don’t make scheduled appearances, but are most likely to appear in a park.

Training and Random Meets at Walt Disney World
These characters are considered more difficult to locate in Disney World. Epcot Training is random and can occur at any time or not at all. They are most common between 11am and 3pm. The training meets are open to all guests. Frontierland Hoedown is a scheduled experience that often allows a brief time of meet and greets. Check the Magic Kingdom Entertainment Schedule above for weekly times. MNSSHP stands for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and MVMCP stands for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. They are ticketed events that any guest can purchase tickets to attend. (Some dates sell out well in advance).
Big AlEpcot TrainingFrontierland HoedownMVMCP
BoltEpcot TrainingHollywood Studios Dance Party 
Brer BearEpcot TrainingFrontierland Hoedown Animal Kingdom Entrance
Brer FoxEpcot TrainingFrontierland Hoedown 
Brer RabbitFrontierland Hoedown  Animal Kingdom Entrance
Captain HookEpcot TrainingPirates and Pals
Clarabelle CowFrontierland Hoedown  
DopeyCharacter PaloozaEpcot Training
GenieCharacter PaloozaEpcot TrainingMagic Kingdom
GepettoCharacter PaloozaEpcot Training 
GideonEpcot Training  
Horace HorsecollarFrontierland Hoedown  
J. Worthington FoulfellowEpcot Training  
JafarCharacter PaloozaEpcot TrainingMNSSHP
LiverlipsEpcot TrainingFrontierland HoedownMVMCP
MaxEpcot Training 
MeekoCharacter PaloozaEpcot Training 
Mr. SmeeEpcot TrainingPirates and Pals 
PerlaEpcot TrainingMagic Kingdom 
PenguinsCharacter PaloozaEpcot TrainingMagic Kingdom
PinocchioCharacter Palooza  
Queen of HeartsCharacter PaloozaMNSSHP 
QuincyDisney Jr Dance Party  
Robin HoodCharacter Palooza 
RabbitEpcot UKMagic Kingdom 
ShakerEpcot Training  
Snow QueenCharacter PaloozaMNSSHP 
SuzyEpcot TrainingMagic Kingdom 
TerkEpcot Training  
TweedlesMagic Kingdom 
WendellEpcot TrainingFrontierland Hoedown 


  1. I was in Disney World in June 2016 and was in line to meet Tarzan in AK, as I reached him Terk came out so Tarzan ‘enrolled’ me in as part of the gorilla gang. Thought that was quite a cool thing as I didn’t even realise Terk was meetable.

    • what about they have Disney long lost friends again at wdw and Disneyland next year with extremely rare characters

  2. Family and I met the Queen of Hearts at Magic Kingdom right outside the exit from meeting Mickey. This was April, 2016. Apparently she only comes out 4 times a year. It was at like 8pm too. Got an autograph and picture

  3. We are visiting in April ’16. My little tween girls have “outgrown” princesses (can you EVER out-grow princesses?!)

    I digress, their primary current interest is in Disney Descendants. Do you know if Disney plans on ever having those characters to meet?

    I can’t find anything Descendants related in the parks.

  4. On June 16th Meeko was posing with Pocohontas at her new location in AK. I’m not sure if this is an everyday thing or not.

  5. Hey Kenny! My 2 year old wanted to know if we were going to meet Pete the Cat when we are at WDW. Does he ever show up. I know its Pete’s silly sideshow but is he ever there?

  6. While going through some old pictures from sometime in the early (2000’s)
    I found a picture of myself with a character I’d never seen before the Character was a Hippo wearing a green (looks like a tank top or a life jacket) Navy Blue shorts with red and yellow flowers on them
    and a hat.
    Who is this Character and where is he from????

  7. I know this is for Disney World, but we saw several of these characters in Disneyland. Brier Bear and Rabbit were near Splash Mountain, Terk at the Grand Californian (for breakfast) and Max at Minnie’s character breakfast.

  8. The Queen of Hearts can also be found at an EPCOT training. I saw her in January at one. Also Marie the cat and Gepetto

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