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Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress

This attraction’s original scenes were designed and developed by Walt himself. The carousel will rotate you through a story of a family and its experience with emerging technology.

Ride anytime, but afternoons are great for the air-conditioning.

location_icon Location:

alarm_clock Attraction Length:
20 minutes

fp icon2 Fastpass+:

wheelchair Accessibility:
Accessible to all

There are Wheelchair/ECV spaces in each theater.

disney world attraction height limit Minimum Height:

disney world attraction ride warnings Warnings:
No restrictions.

Ride Photo:

Ride Video:

Maximum Speed:
Slow moving rotating theater. The theater is stable for about 4 minutes per scene.

Large, slowly rotating theater with theater style seating in padded chairs. There are 6 theaters that hold 240 guests each which means there is never a wait.

Weight and Size Issues:

Rider Switch:

Small children who are unable to ride or frightened to ride may enjoy Tomorrowland Peoplemover, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin or Laugh Floor Comedy Club

Extra Magic Hours:


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