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Ahoy mateys!

After winning the Disney Dream Job contest as a Pirate at Disneyland in 2007, my respect for characters in the Disney Parks reached an all time high. I had kids and adults asking for photos and autographs.  I saw how much joy meeting a character can bring to a person, whether a child or those of us who are child-like.

Here’s a link to my story

My children and I have collected more than 220 different character autographs/meet and greets from Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line and Hong Kong Disneyland trips.  Even as my children reach their teens, they continue to be excited to meet a new character.  There was one BIG problem:  LINES.  I hate waiting in lines!  I currently own the touringplans.com Ultimate Touring record for all 4  Walt Disney World parks (75 attractions at Magic Kingdom, 62 at Epcot, 51 at Hollywood Studios and 47 at Animal Kingdom), and the highest average waits were always for characters.  I searched the net and couldn’t find a single resource with a complete regular character schedule.  (Pop up or surprise characters never appear on regular schedules).

After many hours of research I can now present a regular character schedule.  Please note that a character may not appear for a scheudled set for a variety of reasons, but I feel this is the most complete character schedule currently on the internet.  If you see something that seems off, feel free to leave comments.  I hope to eventually add more information, map locations and meeting tips.  I will also begin hosting an Ultimate Character Meet Hall of Fame.  I will provide a list of those who can prove they have:  Met the most characters ever, met the most characters in one day and met the most characters in one park in the least time!

I hope you enjoy the site and I want to make it even better for you!

Kenny the Pirate


  1. I came across your site last year, during the planning for our second trip and looking for information on SWW. I have to say as I plan for this year, I find the site invaluable and the new layout is great (as I got a chance to read about how you got started).

  2. Hi Kenny, you have a great web site about where and when to meet characters. Do you have any information or do you know if there is any other web site dedicated to character meet-and-greet schedule at Disneyland in CA? Thanks! – Matt

    • Matt, I get asked that question quite often. There is no current resource for Disneyland to prepare in advance. Disney Mobile Magic has some information when you’re in the park, but it’s far from complete. Many of the primary characters and times are found in their times guides. Ktp

  3. hello
    I love your blog and your attention to detail. Your family will have incredible memories. Thanks for helping us make memories with the ease of your site!

  4. Great videos!! You were phenomenal. Just came across your site through a different facebook page that I follow. You really played the part well. You have been added to my bookmarks bar, and looking forward to reading more on your site. If you start a FB page, let me know.

  5. I couldn’t be more grateful!! We leave tomorrow for our longest trip ever (11 days), and even though I’m 53 and have no kids, meeting characters is a big part of my trips. THANK YOU so much!!

  6. Just in time for our trip! Taking our DD6 and DD9 for their very first trip to the world in 5 days! Not sure if they will be into the character thing but it is best to be prepared!

  7. Just found your site–from some of the comments it appears to be very new! It came just in time for us…we are leaving in two days for Disney World. Haven’t found anything like this anywhere else on the Internet. Thanks!

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