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1900 Park Fare Makes a Big Character Greeting Change

1900 Park Fare Makes a Big Character Greeting Change

When Disney announced that 1900 Park Fare would finally reopen earlier this year, guests were elated. That is until they announced which characters to be featured. Now one of those characters will be greeting Guests differently.

1900 Park Fare

Is Dinner at 1900 Park Fare Worth the Price?
Credit: Monica

Housed in the beautiful Grand Floridian, 1900 Park Fare “pays homage to the late Victorian period, with art reminiscent of this golden era.” After being closed for four years, 1900 Park Fare finally reopened in April 2024.

With this reopening came a new menu and character experience. Be sure to check out the full review for breakfast and dinner.

Many fun connections are still in place for fans of the previous 1900 Park Fare, including the famous Strawberry Soup and “Big Bertha”, the large pipe organ centerpiece.

Character Change-up

Picture of Mirabel 1900 Park Fare
Credit: Kate

This is a character dining experience featuring Cinderella, Aladdin dressed in his royal Prince Aladdin outfit, Mirabel, and Princess Tiana in her updated look for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

If you ask Disney fans, they were excited about the reopening of 1900 Park Fare, but many are divided on the new characters featured.

As with traditional Disney character meals, all characters would come around and interact with guests. For the wish ceremony, they all come together in a dance as Jiminy Cricket narrates the wish ceremony.

Princess Tiana

Picture of Tiana 1900 Park Fare
Credit: Kate

Now, Princess Tiana is located at a separate meeting location outside of 1900 Park Fare. Many former guests of 1900 Park Fare may remember this as the location where you could pose with Cinderella’s glass slipper years ago.

This is a very interesting experience that we have seen at other character dining locations like last year at Chef Mickey’s and years ago to meet Tigger at the Crystal Palace.

Cinderella Glass Slipper
Credit: Donna

Princess Tiana still comes inside 1900 Park Fare for the wish ceremony. This is a very interesting change. Perhaps, guests enjoy spending more time with Princess Tiana, and perhaps this may help to make the experience more enjoyable for guests.

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