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Five Reasons You Need to Book the Caring for Giants Tour Now

Five Reasons You Need to Book the Caring for Giants Tour Now

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Walt Disney World offers many different experiences, but there is one that you need to take now. Find out why the Caring for Giants tour should be on your to-do list for Disney World!

Caring for Giants

animal tours check in
Photo Credit: Heather

Caring for Giants is a 60-minute experience at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. A Guide provides insight into the inner workings of Disney’s African elephant herd.

You will be able to observe the elephants from approximately 80 to 100 feet away, which is closer than you would experience the elephants in the park.

These tours can fill up quickly, so be sure to book as soon as you can. You can book 60 days from your check-in date. Be sure to read Susan’s experience HERE.

Five Reasons to Book This Experience

Credit: Susan

When most people think of Disney World, they think of rides, food, characters, and fireworks. There is so much more to Disney World than that.

Disney offers unique experiences beyond your typical park day. If you are someone who visits the parks frequently and looking for something new, a tour/experience may be right for you. Even if it is your first time visiting, you can experience Disney in a way you never imagined. This experience has a lot to offer, and I (Heather) feel it is one you need to take now.

1 – Not Your Average Park Day

baby corra caring for giants
Photo Credit: Heather

I know I used to be a ride-all-the-rides kind of park-goer. However, over the last few years, I have slowed my touring and have begun to take in all the park has to offer. This includes all the little details that you may miss rushing from ride to ride.

Animal Kingdom offers a unique experience from the other Disney theme parks right out of the gate. But don’t forget it’s Nahtazu, pronounced: “It’s not a zoo”. A made-up word by Disney to show the world that Animal Kingdom is a lot of things, but it is not a zoo.

Even though you are already experiencing a different style of theme park, there is still a different view you can get. Taking a tour or experience will take you behind the scenes of everyday workings.

These behind-the-scenes experiences can give you a completely different perspective, letting you peek in to see how the magic is created and how the Cast Members of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park care for these magnificent animals.

2 – Fun for the Whole Family

caring for giants name tag
Photo Credit: Heather

This tour is fun for almost the entire family! Caring for Giants is unique in that even small children can do it. This tour is for Guests four years of age and older. This means many families do not have to skip out on this experience or leave anyone behind.

Many of Disney’s backstage experiences require guests to be older to not take away from the magic, but this tour creates even more magic! Be advised that Guests are not allowed to film or take photographs backstage.

There is a lot of educational information provided in this experience. You go to the backside of the elephant enclosure and can view them from there along with getting lots of insider information on the elephants.

If your children love elephants then this would be a great experience. However, there is no guarantee that you will see elephants. Disney lets the animals roam in their enclosures freely, so it is up to the animals where they go. They do entice the animals to certain locations with food. Be sure to prepare yourself and others in your party that even though you hope to see elephants, you may not.

3 – Lots of Fun Facts

caring for giants elephant poop
Photo Credit: Heather

This tour shares lots of information about the animals and how Disney cares for them. You will walk away with new interesting information. I will share some interesting tidbits, but there is still so much more you will learn on this tour.

This tour starts with getting a name tag keepsake that is made out of recycled elephant stool/poop! Think that’s cool? You can even hold elephant stool later in the tour! Don’t worry they have baked it and made it safe to handle. 

Disney’s main concern is keeping the animals safe and stress free. Did you know that Disney altered a nighttime show because it caused stress on the animals? How did they know? They tested the elephants’ stool for cortisol (a hormone released when stressed).

They noticed elevated levels in the elephants’ stool after a new nighttime show started at Hollywood Studios. When this happened Disney made changes by using a different gun powder for pyrotechnics and added more lasers to the show to reduce the stress on the animals.

4 – Affordable

caring for giants corra and mom
Photo Credit: Heather

One of the best parts about this tour is the price. At only $39 per person plus tax it is a great price that won’t break the bank. There may also be discounts available, but these discounts can change from time to time.

Even at full price, I feel this tour is a great value. The experience is the perfect length for the price.

5 – Baby Corra

baby corra caring for giants walking
Photo Credit: Heather

The biggest reason that you must do the Caring for Giants tour now is baby Corra. She is adorable. 

It was so exciting to watch her run around and play with her mother, aunts, and grandmother! It was truly a treat to see her so close and for such a long time.

Credit: Disney

You can catch her during a safari ride; however, your opportunity to see her is much shorter. We had about forty-five minutes (after the ride to and from the starting point) to see all the elephants, which gave us the opportunity for some great photos. 

Be sure to read about baby Corra’s debut HERE.

Final Thoughts

caring for giants all the elephants
Photo Credit: Heather

This was a really fun experience. Being able to see the elephants so close was a wonderful and unique opportunity.

Caring for Giants will leave your family talking about the amazing experience they had for the rest of your trip. It is a tour that you are going to want to book now (especially to see baby Corra).

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