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More DAS Changes Emerge as New System Rolls Out

More DAS Changes Emerge as New System Rolls Out

Disney allows Guests who cannot wait in a physical queue the opportunity to apply for the Disability Access Service (DAS). However, after widespread abuse, Disney made several changes that affect everyone. As the new system is rolling out, we are learning about even more changes that were not made available previously.


Breaking: Disney Makes Big Changes to the Disability Service (DAS)
Credit: Susan

Guests who cannot wait in a physical standby queue for longer periods of time may benefit from Disney’s Disability Access Service. Instead of waiting in the standby line, they receive a return time that is equal to 10 minutes less than the current wait time.

That Guest and the party he/she is traveling with can then enter the Lightning Lane entrance and experience the attraction.

Do note that this is not a skip the standby opportunity. The Guest must still wait to ride the attraction. It just gives them the opportunity to wait elsewhere.

New System

You Can't Buy Individual Lightning Lanes at Disney World Right Now
Credit: Kate

Disney rolled out a new DAS system this week, which is designed to eliminate the overuse and abuse of the previous system. Those big changes include no more pre-selections, no more in-park enrollment, and a change to the maximum number of Guests.

To see our original announcement of this new system and what Disney originally announced, see our post HERE.

Now that the new system has been in place for a few days now, we are learning a lot about who is being granted acces, who is being denied, what Cast Members are telling Guests, and how it plays out in the parks.

More Changes

Credit: Monica

From what we are seeing via online reports, many people who suffer from physical disabilities and medical conditions are simply being denied. Cast Members are telling Guests to “practice waiting in line”, speak with Cast Members at each individual attraction, or suggesting that the person needing assistance can meet up with the rest of the party at a merge point in the queue.

We have also seen reports of Cast Members suggesting Guests use Rider Swap. The person needing assistance would use the Lightning Lane after the rest of the party rides using the standby queue. We won’t go into the specifics of why one solution is good or bad, but it’s clear Disney is really trying to limit the number of people who utilize the service.

Screenshot: MDE

As far as using the new system in the parks, we noticed that Disney does not allow DAS users to request a new return time until after 10 minutes have passed since tapping into the current attraction. Previously, DAS users could make one immediatly after tapping in. See the message above.

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Wednesday 22nd of May 2024

Bought at two dvc properties and season passes for family of 8 all because Disney was great with disabilities. Now it’s pointless to go. Guess it’s universal from here now for family time.


Wednesday 22nd of May 2024

Wife suffers from anxiety and was denied DAS which she had for years on old system. We recieved a return time and used that time to shop, have lunch, walk around and possibly grab a 10 min wait ride. Now, I'm told to wait in the line and my wife waits outside ride alone then can enter LL when I text her that I'm close to boarding. We are 70 yrs old and now We will spend most of out day apart. The alliance person on virtual firstly said we could get genie +. Told her that we've tried that and it doesn't get us on many adult type rides and it could take all day to get 1 of what we want. Im definitely not paying for LL. She then suggested genie and that's an even bigger joke trying to get rides other than kiddie rides. I'm my wife's mental support person and she doesn't want to be alone while I'm in a line for 45min or even longer for most rides. We have an autistic grandchild and my daughter is concerned that he will no longer be approved under this new system where they don't allow a letter from physician like Universal. She has already gotten their equivalent to DAS. Also they have 6 children so if only 4 can use DAS in an immediate family at disney, their family of 8 won't ride together.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.