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Review: DVC Moonlight Magic at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

Review: DVC Moonlight Magic at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

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Are you heading to Moonlight Magic at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park? Check out our review so you can make the most of your night for this fun exclusive event!

DVC Member Benefits

Photo Credit: Heather

Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Members can enjoy some exclusive Member Benefits. These can include things such as discounts on retail purchases when visiting the theme parks, special discounted tickets for certain events, access to exclusive lounges, and even exclusive access to certain parks after the parks have closed.

DVC Membership Extras or Benefits are never guaranteed, but they are nice when they do happen. It is important to never purchase Disney Vacation Club based on Member Benefits as they can be changed or removed at any time.

Moonlight Magic

Registration Dates and Details for Disney's 2023 Moonlight Magic
Credit: Disney

Moonlight Magic is a free event that is offered to DVC Members. This event lets Members and their Guests into the park after the park has closed.

Members get to enjoy short wait times to some of the best attractions, rare character meet and greets, and complimentary treats. It is a fun and unique event.

Be sure to check out my review of the Moonlight Magic event at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon HERE.

DVC Moonlight Magic registration 

DVC Members Get A Big Perk With The Return of Annual Pass Sales
Photo Credit: Disney

Moonlight Magic registration happens in advance. Having a vacation scheduled or a “blue” card does not guarantee entry. However, you do get the chance to register before Members without a hotel reservation.

This event registration was held on February 1, 2024, for Members with hotel reservations and about a week later for Members without. You must register in advance for these events, you will not be allowed to enter without registering.

A Refurbishment Update at Disney's Animal Kingdom
Credit: Monica

These events do fill quickly, so it is important to be ready to register when it opens. Registration for the next event has already closed.

I would recommend that you do not plan a vacation around a DVC event. If it happens to work out that you can attend during your trip, wonderful! However, if you are unable to get in then this could be very disappointing for you and your travel party.

Moonlight Magic Check-in 

animal kingdom dvc moonlight magic
Photo Credit: Heather

I (Heather) attended the Moonlight Magic at Disney’s Animal Kingdom on February 27, 2024. For event check-in, there are dedicated tap points at the entry of the park. This process was simple, fast, and efficient. 

A wristband was given to each person along with a page of vouchers. These vouchers included snacks and games.

Early arrival 

Breaking: Disney Now Confirms the Animal Kingdom Expansion
Credit: Disney

Members were able to enter Animal Kingdom before the event, with early entry starting at 4 pm. The event takes place from 7 pm to 10 pm.

We arrived early to make the most of our night.  Check-in was available earlier than advertised at the front of the park. We were able to check in at the front versus the in-park location.

moonlight magic map and animal kingdom tree
Photo Credit: Heather

If you were already in the park you could check in at Upper Bradley Falls.

Upon check-in, you receive an event guide. This included the characters, food locations, and attractions available throughout the night.

Snack vouchers 

moonlight magic snack and game vouchers
Photo Credit: Heather

The event guide lists some possible snacks that you can redeem your vouchers for. Signs were up throughout the park for Guests to be able to see the entire event menu. You can also check out all the snack options HERE!

moonlight magic ak event. menu
Photo Credit: Heather

One snack that went fast was the glazed nuts. If you want the glazed nuts, get them early in the night! A line quickly formed with hopes of more coming, but they never came before the event was over.

moonlight magic animal kingdom snack voucher
Photo Credit: Heather

Many were scrambling to use their snack vouchers at the end of the night, and this made some lines long. At the end of the night, Flame Tree Barbecue set out a table with the Grape Soda Cupcake. They didn’t have to-go containers for these, but they helped package it as best they could.

Game vouchers 

moonlight magic ak dinoland
Photo Credit: Heather

Each guest received game vouchers. One voucher would give you access to one game at the Fossil Fun Games in Dinoland.

Unfortunately, it felt like it took some time for the games to open. When the games did open, the lines were long. Because the lines were so long, many were giving their vouchers away.

Once completing the game you had to get back in line to use another voucher. We played one game and then enjoyed other activities in the park.

moonlight magic ak lines
Photo Credit: Heather

The plus side to these games though was that everyone was a winner. Each participant got a small stuffed dinosaur.

dinoland stuffed animal moonlight magic
Photo Credit: Heather

The games were a great idea, but it would have been nicer if there was a more efficient way for more people to participate.  My kids really enjoyed it, but due to the lines we didn’t use all of our vouchers and I’m sure many others didn’t either.

moonlight magic free dino stuffy
Photo Credit: Heather

Fossil Fun Games was open from 7 pm-9:30 pm. Also, Fossil Fun Games were not available for purchase, only vouchers were accepted during the event.

moonlight magic dino stuffy
Photo Credit: Heather

Ice Cream Novelties 

moonlight magic ice cream sign
Photo Credit: Heather

One of my favorite things about these events is the free ice cream noveleties! Guests can enjoy unlimited ice cream!

You read that right! Ice cream options included Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar, Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich, and Fruit Bar. Mickey Bars just taste that much better when they are “free.”

Ice cream can be found at Creature Comforts and Theater in the Wild Ice Cream Cart.


mickey and goofy dvc moonlight magic
Photo Credit: Heather

The best part of the entire night is the amazing rare characters that Members and their Guests have the opportunity to meet! DVC brought out some amazing characters at the event in February.

bernard and bianca
Photo Credit: Heather

Characters for the February event included:

  • Mickey and Goofy
  • Tarzan and Jane
  • Bianca and Bernard
  • Pocahontas and Meeko
  • Friends from “The Jungle Book”
  • Flik and Princess Atta
  • Rafiki and Timon
  • Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck, and Daisy Duck
  • Kerchak, Kala and Terk
  • Chip ‘n’ Dale
  • Launchpad, McQuack, and Darkwing Duck
  • Scrooge McDuck
jane and tarzan moonlight magic ak
Photo Credit: Heather

It is important to note that there are no Disney PhotoPass photographers at this event. Cast Members will gladly take pictures for you with your device so everyone can still get in the picture.

Final Thoughts 

Credit: Disney

I always find these events to be so much fun. Disney Vacation Club does not have to offer them to their Members, but they do. They try to make a great event for everyone.

Even with lines for snacks and games, it was a fun and memorable event. I know I cannot wait for the next Moonlight Magic!

Have you ever been to a Disney Vacation Club Moonlight Magic event? Do you like these offerings from DVC? Will you be attending the next Moonlight Magic at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share this post with a friend.

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Thursday 18th of April 2024

We have not been successful in snagging a reservation to Moonlight Magic. We have been DVC members for a long time, back to when The Boardwalk was new. We have enjoyed and continue to enjoy our DVC membership and we use our points regularly. We just haven't been able to snag tickets to Moonlight Magic. We would like to go.

Heather Alosa

Friday 26th of April 2024

I'm so sorry to hear. I have only been successful when I able to register right when it opens, but I am never expecting to get in. They fill so fast! I have everything crossed that you can get in next time you try!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.