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New Collectibles to be Handed Out at Space 220

New Collectibles to be Handed Out at Space 220

Space 220 is located in World Discovery at Epcot. The restaurant used to hand out trading cards with kid’s meals, but that stopped. However, the good news is a new collectible is now available!

Space 220

Credit: Maggie

It is no secret that Space 220 is one of EPCOT’s most sought after dining reservations. The restaurant opened in September 2020 and just in time to celebrate Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary.

Located next to Mission: SPACE, guests shoot up 220 miles above Earth and experience daytime and nighttime views of the Earth. Guests feel as if they are docked next to the Centauri Space Station, which suspends just beyond the orbit of Mission: SPACE.

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Trading Card Saga

Credit: Jaelyn W.

Part of the fun of dining at Space 220 was the trading cards that were handed out to children. This dining experience is definitely like none other in Walt Disney World. Not only do you get to shoot up 220 miles above the Earth, but you can also take home some collectible cards as a fun souvenir.

The limited-edition collectible cards were developed exclusively for the Space 220 restaurant and feature beautiful artwork and space-themed facts that encourage curiosity about space exploration and inspire the next generation of astronauts, engineers, and physicists.

Unfortunately, Space 220 stopped giving these away with the purchase of a kid’s meal or a nonalcoholic specialty beverage. We were so disappointed to hear this. But, we love the good news the restaurant just shared!

New Collectible

Credit: Susan

Space 220 pleased to announce the release of a brand new set of culinary-inspired cards. The limited-edition collectible items celebrate food and beverage innovation with artful illustrations paired with insightful space trivia. They are designed to educate and entertain guests of all ages from around the world.

“Acting as a symbol of our team’s gratitude for our guests choosing to dine with us, these cards are hand selected gifts by Executive Chef Marc exclusively made for Space 220 Restaurant. We take pride in the exceptional level of detail and care that has gone into creating these cards as we know they are worthy of our Disney guests,” said Patina Restaurant Group Marketing Director, Kyle Collins.

How To Get Yours

Credit: Space 220

The cards will be personally delivered intermittently to guests by Space 220 Restaurant’s Executive Chef Marc Kusche during his daily table visits. This is the only way to acquire these rare souvenirs.

This is the first in a multi-part release of the limited run series that Space 220 will be distributing over the next year. New artwork and trivia will be included on each additional card set.

Do you collect any of the Space 220 cards? What do you think of the new collectible? Let us know in the comments below, and share this post with a friend.

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