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A First Look at the Menus for Disney’s New Restaurant

A First Look at the Menus for Disney’s New Restaurant

If you love Disney food, you will want to see this. We have a look at the menu offerings for Disney World’s New restaurant. And, the food looks like it is going to be magical!

New Restaurant in Disney World

Credit: Monica

Although Walt Disney World is already home to more than 100 fantastic dining options, more good things are on the way! When it comes to dining options, Disney foodies are typically of the mind that there’s room for one more!

eet by Maneet Chauhan is coming to Disney World soon! It promises to be a flavorful dining experience with a unique ambiance.

Credit: EET

The restaurant will feature authentic Indian cuisine created by celebrity Chef Maneet Chauhan. She and her husband Vivek Deora are an award-winning hospitality duo looking to bring their family’s culture and traditions to one of their favorite vacation spots.

In fact, it is the first Indian-inspired restaurant to come to Disney Springs. It is sure to spice things up with delicious menu offerings, which we have for you right here!


Credit: Disney

The menu will give Guests the opportunity to enjoy shareable dishes for everyone at the table, like the eet Bread Service with Pimento Whipped Paneer or the Tandoori Chicken Poutine. You can also order market fresh salads or build your own bowl filled with rice and a kebab. End your meal on a sweet note when you choose a delectable dessert like the Chocolate and Strawberry Naan or the Gulab Jamun Cheesecake.

As always, offerings are all subject to change. However, here is the state of the menu as we currently know it:


Credit: Disney
  • eet Bread Service with Pimento Whipped Paneer: buttered naan, garlic naan, pimento whipped paneer cheese, masala vegetable sticks, indian pickle, coriander honey, chutneys
  • Tandoori Chicken Poutine: chaat masala fries, tandoori chicken, white cheddar curds, rich tomato butter sauce
  • D.I.Y. Pani Puri: crispy semolina puffs, black garbanzo beans, potatoes, tamarind, date chutney, mint cilantro water 
  • Walking Taco: crunchy indian puff snacks, spicy pork chili, indian pico de gallo, tamarind chutney, cojita cheese
  • Samosas: (2 pcs.) savory potato & pea pastry, tamarind chutney, mint chutney

Pizza and Breads

Credit: Disney
  • Chicken Tikka Naan Pizza: chicken kabab, rich tomato butter sauce, mozzarella, parmesan
  • Saag Paneer Naan Pizza: saag spinach sauce, paneer tikka, mozzarella, parmesan
  • Spicy Green Chili Naan: green chilies, cilantro, clarified butter 
  • Garlic Naan: garlic, kasoori methi, clarified butter
  • Buttered Naan: traditional indian flatbread

Market Fresh

  • Street Style Puffed Rice Salad: crispy puffed rice, mango, strawberry, potato, cilantro, tamarind chutney, mint chutney
  • Samosa Chopped Salad: chopped lettuces, cucumber, radish, tomato, garbanzo, mini samosa croutons, chaat vinaigrette

Build Your Own Bowl

Credit: Disney

BOYB includes pickled red cabbage, indian pico de gallo, and masala chickpea pearls | choose base, kabab, and sauce

  • Pick Your Base: cumin basmati rice; turmeric riced cauliflower; fresh salad greens 
  • Pick Your Kabab: tandoori chicken; paneer tikka; basil cilantro shrimp; masala roasted cauliflower
  • Pick Your Sauce: tikka (aromatic buttery tomato sauce); saag (rich earthy spinach sauce); moilee (golden coconut curry sauce); korma (cashew saffron sauce); bhunna (classic indian curry sauce)

Kids Menu

  • Lil’ Naan Pizza: tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese with choice of fresh fruit or fries and served with apple juice
  • Lil’ Sliders: two hawaiian roll sliders, beef patties, and american cheese with choice of fresh fruit or fries and served with apple juice 
  • Crispy Chicken Fingers: served with ranch, choice of fresh fruit or fries, and served with apple juice


Credit: Disney
  • Gulab Juman Cheesecake: NY-style cheesecake, gulab jamun, strawberries, saffron, cardamon 
  • Chocolate & Strawberry Naan: chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, white chocolate, diced strawberries, fresh mint

Signature Drinks

  • eet House Wines
  • eet Citra Pale Ale
  • Boozy Slushies
  • seasonal selections 
  • Vanilla Cardamom Yogurt Lassi
  • Mango Yogurt Lassi 

When Can I Eat at eet?

Credit: Disney

Happily, eet is slated to open later in 2023! We will let you know as soon as the official opening date is revealed! Until then, have fun imagining all the delicious possibilities that await.

eet, Disney’s New Restaurant, opens later this year.

Are you excited to eat eet? What sounds delicious to you? Let us know in the comments! And, feel free to pass this along to the Disney foodies in your life.

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