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You Will Not Believe This New Disney Lawsuit

You Will Not Believe This New Disney Lawsuit

There are quite a number of Disney lawsuits floating around out there. But, this might be the most absurd claim of all. You can see it all here and judge for yourself.

Disney Lawsuits

Credit: Donna

One thing that is certain: big corporations like The Walt Disney Company often find themselves to be the subject of legal turmoil. By now, you have surely seen updates on the Federal Lawsuit and State Lawsuit against Ron DeSantis. You have probably also read about the countersuit.

You may have even been following along with news about Disney’s recent Water Park Lawsuit or the recent Little Mermaid Lawsuit. Or, you might have heard about the Magic Key Lawsuit and the Antitrust Lawsuit. But, we asked our Magic Mirror, and we think we have found the most unusual legal filing of all.

A Bold Claim

credit: Disney

Recently, a person filed a most unusual claim against Walt Disney 20th Century Fox Studios. The complaint was filed in the United States Court for the Easter District of California. The plaintiff is proceeding in the action pro se, meaning he is representing himself.

The court records state that, “plaintiff sues defendant for stealing his intellectual property before he creates it. It appears plaintiff believes that the defendant is observing his life and putting it in film.” He is seeking $200,000 in damages.

The Conclusion

Credit: Disney

The court has already concluded its analysis and provided its recommendations. In the analysis, it was found that plaintiff failed to state a claim in which relief could be granted. In fact, the court records read, “The complaint does not contain facts supporting any cognizable legal claim against any defendant. The court finds that the complaint consists entirely of delusional allegations.

The records state that the court recommends that the complaint be dismissed with prejudice. The court also finds that an amendment would be futile. Plaintiff does have 20 days to file written objections.

This case is dismissed with prejudice.

Credit: Disney

The same person also filed a similar case against Universal Pictures seeking $150,000 in damages. Unsurprisingly, that case yielded similar results and has also been dismissed with prejudice.

What do you think of this lawsuit against Walt Disney 20th Century Fox Studios? As always, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. And feel free to share the story with friends who enjoy following Disney news.

Source: (PS) Douglas vs. Walt Disney

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Wednesday 25th of October 2023

I have heard about some other silly lawsuits.


Wednesday 25th of October 2023


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