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New Tiana Series on Disney+ Gets A Big Update

New Tiana Series on Disney+ Gets A Big Update

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Disney promised fans that a Tiana series was in the works for Disney+, and that series has been a long time coming! We finally have an update on the Disney+ Tiana series.

Tiana on Disney+

Credit: Disney

Once upon a time, Disney+ promised fans a brand new TV series for Disney+ featuring Tiana, everyone’s favorite New Orleans Princess. Disney announced the series quite a while back, and we shared the news with all of you as it emerged on Disney+ day.

It was supposed to launch in 2023. However, the launch has been pushed off, and now we don’t respect the release until 2024.

What Will the Show Be Like?

Credit: Disney

When Disney first announced the series, named Tiana, we found out that the show is expected to be a musical long-form series. It is meant to be a follow-up to the beloved 2009 film. For those unfamiliar, a long-form series is a long narrative told across a series of episodes. Instead of having little stories that take place across the span of an episode, you will see one big story unfold across the entire series.

Tiana’s new series begins shortly after the conclusion of The Princess and the Frog, the film that brought her to the silver screen. She has just married her prince and has been crowned Princess of Maldonia.

The series will follow her on a new adventure that calls her to her New Orleans past. We can’t wait to see what new journey awaits her!

Credit: Monica

One of my favorite things we know about the series so far is that unlike much new content we see rolling out, this series is hand-drawn. CGI is cool, and I am endlessly amazed by all the neat visuals that can be created. But there is something magical about a hand-drawn piece.

We also know that Anika Noni Rose will be lending her voice to Tiana once more. She is also voicing her animatronic on the upcoming Tiana’s Bayou adventure attraction in Walt Disney World.


Credit: KtP

According to Variety, Disney+ has identified a new writer and director for the series. It was once shared that Stella Meghie would be writing and directing the series, but there has been a shift. Now, Joyce Sherri will be serving as the show’s lead writer and director.

Joyce Sherri is reportedly taking over for Stella Meghie as writer and director for Tiana.

You might know Sherri from her work on short films like “Beauty,” “Forever,” and “The Family Romance.” She also did writing for Netflix’s “Midnight Mass.”

Princess Tiana new character sighting in Magic Kingdom
Credit: KtP

Nathan Curtis will serve as producer, and Frozen’s Jennifer Lee will be an executive producer. Stella Meghie is staying on as an executive producer as well, so the series will still benefit from her guidance.

We are so glad to have an update for Tiana. We were beginning to worry that it would join the big list of content that Disney+ cut. But, perhaps Disney is taking the words right out of Dr. Facillier’s mouth and saying, “I just need a little more time.”

What do you think of this news for the Tiana series? Are you glad that it still seems to be in the works? Let us know in the comments. And, feel free to pass the news along to the Tiana fans in your life so they can learn more about the show too!

Source: Variety

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