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The one thing you NEED when staying at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

The one thing you NEED when staying at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

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Fort Wilderness is a very unique resort at Disney World. There are many factors you need to consider when planning a stay here, and there is one thing that absolutely needs to make it to the top of that list!

Fort Wilderness

Credit: Monica

Feel close to the magic by camping near the magic! Guests will take in the American frontier with all different types of wildlife including deer, rabbits, ducks and armadillos that will roam the resort. Can you believe that this resort takes up 750 acres? You can relax in the great outdoors within minutes of Magic Kingdom!

Campers are a very niche community, and many people who visit Disney World may never consider camping. However, for those who do love to camp and experience the great outdoors, Fort Wilderness is the nicest place you will find!

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If you are a camper, you know there are certain necessities you never travel without! That would include items like your black water line, leveling blocks, and a generator. “Fun” items may include your s’mores kit, towels for the pool, and bicycles.

Camping at Fort Wilderness is a bit different than other campgrounds. With that said, there is one item you absolutely need for your stay.

The one thing you need: a golf cart!

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Yes, you absolutely need a golf cart! Add that on to your list with your generator and s’mores kit! There are several reasons why you will not want to visit The Fort without one. Let me explain why and share more about how to rent one if you don’t have your own.

The first reason is also the biggest reason: Fort Wilderness is a very large and spread out resort. As I mentioned above, it’s 750 acres! There are approximately 1200 cabins and campsites along with three main areas (that are all on opposite ends of the resort). That is a lot of walking. If you don’t have bikes for every single member of your family, you will need a golf cart.

If you think you can just drive your personal vehicle around, that won’t be possible. The Meadows recreation area, comfort stations, and marina DO NOT allow personal vehicles to be parked – only golf carts and bicycles. There is parking at the front of the resort, but there is nothing up there besides the stables.

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You may be thinking, “But, they have an internal bus! I can get around that way!” That is very true; there is an internal bus that makes stops all around the resort. However, you do not want to rely on internal bus. For one, the buses do not go inside the loops.

So, if your cabin or campsite is in the very back of the loop that is still another 10-15 minute walk. Two, the internal bus system does not have times in the app. There is no telling when the next bus will come.

Credit: WDW Cast and Community

Next, people love to go all out for golf cart parades. If you are visiting during a holiday, you will definitely want to participate in the golf cart parade! Like I said, campers are a very niche community, and we like to put a unique twist on vacations! Part of that community means decorating your site, sharing items with others who need them, and participating in fun activities – and that includes parades!

How to rent one if you don’t have your own

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You are permitted to bring your own golf cart to Fort Wilderness. Disney is now enforcing a long-standing rule about third-party companies bringing golf carts on property. If you want to rent one from a third-party, you will need to meet offsite to get it.

Disney does have a large inventory of 4-seat and 6-seat golf carts available to rent. Yes, they are more expensive but you should go ahead and just budget for one. The 4-seat carts are $63/day (plus tax) and the 6-seat carts are $79/day (plus tax).

Credit: Monica

You can call Disney at (407) 824-2742 to book your golf cart up to one year in advance. Do know if you are visiting during a busy season, they may sell out before you arrive. If not, you should have no problem getting one on short notice/day of. For example, I was able to reserve a 6-seat just two months in advance for our visit in July.

On the day your golf cart reservation begins, head to the Reception Outpost anytime after 1:00 pm to pick up your golf cart. You must return it by 11:00 am on the day your reservation ends. It’s important to note anyone who drives the golf cart must be at least 16 years old with a valid driver’s license.

Getting Around on a Golf Cart

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Driving a golf cart around The Fort is about the same as driving a car. Be aware of the speed limit (15 mph) and stop when the buses stop to load passengers – regardless of the side of the road you are on! Use windshield wipers and headlights when needed.

Golf cart parking is much more accessible than car parking. You can park your golf cart at the front parking lot, at the front stables, any of the comfort stations/recreation areas, the marina, and more. Be sure to make a mental note of your golf cart number or use some kind of identifying tag/decoration.

And, be sure to take your key and keep it with you at all times!

Do you ever stay at Disney’s Fort Wilderness? Is a golf cart necessary for you? Let us know in the comments below and share this post with a friend who also stays at The Fort.

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