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Disney+ Just Quietly Canceled One Popular Feature for Everyone

Disney+ Just Quietly Canceled One Popular Feature for Everyone

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Did you notice something missing on Disney+? You are not alone. Disney quietly removed a feature globally.


Credit: KtP

By now, Disney’s streaming service needs no formal introduction. Disney+ is in millions of households across America and the world over.

It is no secret that Disney+ is a high priority to Disney’s CEO Bob Iger. Right now, one priority is price increases for the Disney+ Basic (with ads) service. While the increase may be frustrating for long-time subscribers who remember the early rates, by in large, people will most likely continue to pay for the service as Disney+ is home to hot new content like Elemental and Ahsoka as well as nostalgia-inducing classics and fan favorites like The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse.


Credit: Disney

Now, Disney+ subscribers are noticing that a popular feature is missing on Disney+. GroupWatch is a fun Disney+ feature that allows you to watch any title in the Disney+ library virtually with your personal friends and family. GroupWatch will automatically sync your streams so that everyone in your group can watch together, even when you’re apart.

It was certainly a popular feature to use during the pandemic. And, some users still enjoy it.

However, as of Monday, September 18, 2023, GroupWatch suddenly vanished from the platform without any real notice. Usually, when you go to watch a piece of content on Disney+, you can find the GroupWatch Icon next to the Play and Trailer buttons. But, now it is gone.

Credit: Disney

An agent with the help desk stated, “The GroupWatch feature is deprecated globally on September 18, 2023. While you can no longer use the GroupWatch feature starting September 18, 2023, you can continue to use Apple SharePlay normally. This is the new update for the Disney+ app. We’re always working to deliver the best product experience on Disney+, and as part of recent updates, the GroupWatch feature was removed.”

GroupWatch has been removed from Disney+ globally.

It also appears as if Disney has started removing GroupWatch information from the Disney+ website. And just like that, GroupWatch has joined the list of things that are no longer available to Disney+ subscribers. Here is a big list of shows and movies removed from Disney+ this year.

Did you love using GroupWatch? Are you sad that it is no longer being offered? Let us know in the comments. And, be sure to share this story with Disney+ subscribers in your life so that they know what happened to GroupWatch, too.

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Matt H

Wednesday 20th of September 2023

lol??? This was the only reason for me to even have D+, to watch with a long-distance friend. Now there's literally nothing stopping me from reverting to my pre-D+ piracy


Wednesday 20th of September 2023

I am sad for those who will miss it

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