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Look for this new cute new baby the next time you visit Animal Kingdom

Look for this new cute new baby the next time you visit Animal Kingdom
Credit: Disney

Animal Kingdom is home to many new babies! Be on the lookout for this one next time you visit.

Disney Babies

Credit: Disney

One of the things that is certain to brighten everyone’s day is the announcement of the arrival of new baby animals in Walt Disney World! We have seen so many born in recent months at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

Not only do these little ones delight fans of the animal kingdom, but they are great news for the world! Disney’s conservation efforts have brought numerous baby animals into the world from an array of endangered and threatened species. These births are part of an initiative called the Species Survival Plan.

Baby Penny

Credit: Katie P

Penny, a yellow-backed duiker, was born back in May.

What exactly is Penny? You might not be familiar with her species as it isn’t as well known to most people as animals such as giraffes and zebras. Yellow-backed duikers are a species of antelope that primarily dwell in the forest. They are recognizable for being a bit hunchbacked and for having patches of yellow hairs near their rumps.

Credit: Disney

These hairs stand up when they are alarmed. The word “duiker” means “dive”, which is fitting because when these animals feel threatened, they run and appear to dive into the cover of the forest.

Penny is special because she is the FIRST yellow-backed duiker to be born in Disney World in more than 20 years! Disney is delighted to bring a baby into its program for the first time in forever.

Out in the park

Picture of baby penny the yellow backed duiker in Disney World
Credit: Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment

Penny has been backstage for a few months now, but she is now making her way out into Animal Kingdom.

With back-to-school season in full swing, parents and their children are preparing for another big year of learning and milestones. 

Born in May, Penny has been backstage bonding with her mom Pearl all summer and just made her first appearance on Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail! Penny’s debut means she’s gaining independence and ready for the next milestone in development, just like the many children gearing up for back-to-school season. This is an especially touching moment for me, as yellow-backed duikers are one of my favorite animals. 

Be on the lookout for her next time you visit! And, share this post with a friend so they can look for her, too!

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