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The New Disney Castle Bags From Loungefly are Spectacular

The New Disney Castle Bags From Loungefly are Spectacular

Loungefly just incorporated so many of everyone’s favorite things into one design! You have got to see it, but approach this post with caution because you might just decide you need one.

Disney x Loungefly

Credit: DVC

One piece of merch that has definitely risen to fame among Disney Parks fans is the Loungefly mini backpack. You would be hard-pressed to spend five minutes wandering any Disney park without encountering multiple people sporting one of the many Disney designs that have been produced.

People love their Loungefly bags! You can check out some of the most recent designs! Click here to see the Special Moments Disney Music bag and here to see the most recent Disney100 Decades Collection! You can see the new Rivera Resort Loungefly details here.

The NEW Disney Parks Bags

Disney Parks Castle Loungefly
Credit: shopDisney

However, the latest Loungefly x Disney collaboration might be the most magical of them all. Disney Parks has teamed up with Loungefly to bring you some very special bags to commemorate your trip to Walt Disney World or Disneyland!

These bags combine 3 things that are sure to delight your heart and perfectly capture the spirit of Disney Parks: Disney Castles, Fireworks, and Mickey Mouse! Even better, there are some hidden details that you are sure to love.

The Walt Disney World Bag depicts Mickey Mouse proudly presenting Cinderella Castle and the Fireworks display. An array of fireworks bursts above the castle!

Credit: shopDisney

Tinker Bell is also incorporated into the design. She is on both the exterior and the bag’s lining, which is a black firework print.

Moreover, the pockets depict the street lamps that line Main Street. It is such a treasure of a detail!

Credit: shopDisney

Are you more of a Disneyland fan? Never fear! There is a bag for each coast. You can select the Disneyland version or the Disney World version depending on what your heart desires.

The Disneyland Bag also features Mickey Mouse. And, of course, he is posing with Sleeping Beauty Castle. The rest of the bag is largely the same. It includes a fireworks display, Tinker Bell, street lamps, and the firework lining.

How to Get the Bags

Credit: shopDisney

You can find these incredibly magical Loungeflys RIGHT NOW. They have already begun arriving at select retail locations around their respective Disney Parks.

However, we all know how sad it is to be at home when new, highly desirable merch hits the parks. That is why we are happy to tell you that these bags are also available on shopDisney RIGHT NOW while supplies last. The online retail price is $78.00.

The new Disney Parks bags are available in the parks and on shopDisney.

Are you going to be grabbing one of the NEW Disney Parks Castle Loungefly Minibackpacks? Let us know in the comments. And, be sure to share this story with any of your Disney-loving friends and family members who you know will want one so that they don’t miss out.

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