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Another Cut is Made at Walt Disney World

Another Cut is Made at Walt Disney World
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Disney news is coming in quickly these days. Now a dining location is closing down.

Big Changes

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Yesterday was a whirlwind day as Disney announced they would cancel their big expansion project in Florida, close Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, and also remove a lot of original content from Disney+ and Hulu.

The Walt Disney Company is now offering BIG incentives for guests to visit Walt Disney World this summer with special Theme Park ticket offers and great discounts on resort rooms. It seems that Disney is trying to cut costs where possible and encourage tourism in the Disney Parks where they make most of their profits.

Change seems imminent these days and more changes will no doubt be made across the Walt Disney Company in the coming months.

Dining Closure

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Many Disney guests still remember before we had Disney Springs; we had Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World Resorts. The newly named Disney Springs reopened on September 29, 2015.

This area was rethemed to give the vibe of a small town. Over the past several years this “small town” has expanded quite a bit. There are many shops, entertainment, and dining locations at Disney Springs. One aspect that many guests quite enjoyed was the food trucks. These food trucks have been part of the newly reopened Disney Springs.

Credit: Disney

Food trucks on the West Side near Exposition Park include Local Green Orlando, 4 Rivers Cantina Barbacoa Food Truck, Hot Diggity Dogs, and Mac & Cheese. We heard rumors that Disney is planning to remove food trucks from Disney Springs. We have confirmation that only Mac & Cheese will be removed from Disney Springs.

Mac and Cheese will exit in June and according to Disney, another food truck will replace it. At this time, all other food trucks will remain.

The Mac and Cheese Food Truck will close in June 2023 at Disney Springs and Disney states another food truck will take its place.

What do you think of the many changes taking place at Walt Disney World? Do you think more changes are still to come? Will this closure affect your future travel plans? Share your thoughts and share this post with a fellow Disney foodie.


  1. Everyone has a right to weigh in on anything. The Constitution guarantees that. As an American you are entitled to disagree. That’s what makes our country free. Look up the definition of lobbyist. Private businesses weigh in on all sorts of things that affect you, insurance, health care, food additives, medicine. Disney responded to the will of their employees. That is admirable.

  2. Get the facts….. Disney employees don’t want to relocate to Florida, not to mention there’s inflation which is preventing a lot of frivolous spending (which Disney travel is a luxury, not a necessity.)

  3. I think that politics for both is a no. The parks are visited by everybody! With the same token if the park wants to celebrate culture, awesome, but ways of life , they have to understand is not the same. The parks are for everybody I repeat,.but anything else, tone it down.

  4. Honestly DeSantis is only the personification of the problem. Yes he is running amuck and dismantling anything and everything he chooses. But mainly anything that supports people of color. DeSantis was voted in by the people, also the people knew his platform was very hateful and racist from the beginning. But since his fascist and racist views seemed to only target African Americans or woke culture the people didn’t mind. Moreover if the people would’ve stood up for the low man on the totem pole which is the African American community/woke culture Florida would not have this Grand-dragon for Governor. So instead of blaming the Demon DeSantis blame all those who summoned him forth. Which are all the evil like minded individuals that voted for him. In summation Disney inclusion initiative is a great thing and they are willing to stand behind it even through extreme persecution.

  5. It NEVER had Christian themes. Get over that crap already. There’s people from all walks of life, from all around the world that come there including ALL RELIGIOUS backgrounds.

  6. You seem to be the only resident that is mad. Maybe you should go, right behind wdw if you don’t like it.

  7. Park is way overcrowded, they need to limit the amount of people so you can move and be able to get on more than 2-3 rides a day, especially at those prices!!!!

  8. I would love to come back but to many changes .They should bring back the bus that would get you at airport and bring you to your resort wouldn’t the money people pay for a taxi better off spent at Disney.I came down in 2017and 2018 you should go back to those days I had a ball with the changes now I don’t think I would have as much fun.maybe next year

  9. Well, I have a hunch the name Walt Disney World (WDW) will be “Wicked DeSantis World” by the time he’s finished. Please don’t let him in the White House.

  10. Isn’t ironic the one truck they chose to eliminate would be the Mac & Cheese food truck? IMHO Disney lost the vision of being the greatest place on earth, where anything can be achieved. Sadly, they decided to mircro-manage the experience and put profit before the people by saying it was to make the experence more streamlined and efficient. For who? I used to LOVE to go to Disney World! The last time we went, we had to schedule when we would be at a ride or event. Our kids were much older so it didn’t effect them but the magic was definitely gone. We found parents were stressing trying to get their children to the rides on time. One child was hysterical b/c they “missed their time” with the character they scheduled to see. Yeah, I’m sure that created a magical memory! Like so many companies that find incredible success, they forget what made them that incredibly successful. The only casualties from the war with Mickey are the children. That breaks my heart b/c the children for decades now have been traumatized enough! When I was growing up Bugs Bunny had cue cards that the characters would hold up, I never gave them such deep thought of what they actually meant. Sadly, society is ruining the innocence of being a child! Children love pure and simple. Many times children would play with my child with special needs until their parent would tell them not to. I actually had one parent say to her child you don’t want to invite her,she will ruin your party. Do you know how I know that? Her child apologized to me she couldn’t invite my daughter. Let’s bring back the magic by simply remembering the Dream of Walt Disney that every child should have a place to dream and have their dreams come true. Disney , a person shouldn’t have to tk. out a home equity loan to make that happen either. I am sure your great ancestor Walt had issues with things that were going on at the time however he chose to continue to create a place where ppl could escape the atrocities happening at that time.
    MR. WD chose to create a place where a child could create THEIR OWN dream not what others THOUGHT was just or unjust . I could only imagine many ppl. Who have been blessed to be a part of the magic went on to create magic themselves. My point is limited minds limit others. Due to each side only seeing things from a limited POV IMHO derived from ego and power the children may yet again lose out. Haven’t they been through enough? Now more than ever they need the magic only Disney can provide. Just stick to what your amazing ancestor started and focus on the ma
    gic that only Disney can seem to create. Please give children what they really need and want a safe place to dream, a place to believe through hard work and determation their dreams reallu can come true. I am sure the late great WD did that for so, so many please try to carry on that legacy.

  11. Yes I agree that Disney needs to get back to their, Magic of Entertainment! I go to Disney World to escape into a land of fantasy, to have fun with family and friends. People need to remember it’s The Happiest Place on Earth! (I was at Disneyland last week, we noticed too many people were Not Happy!)
    It’s sad that we have become a society where so many people are looking for anything to be offended by. And where too many people think they are “Entitled” to more than others. Everyone should realize we’re all there for the same reason! To escape with A Mouse and his Friends!

  12. Walt Disney was a new ager with non-Christian beliefs. Twice was enough for me. I’ll take Silver Dollar City or Dollywood any day over WDW.

  13. DeSantis needs to go!!! He also needs to quit making the Florida residents so mad. All he is doing is making himself look foolish by picking on Disney. I haven’t been back to Disney World since I moved back to Florida.

  14. DeSantis is a little man and will not survive a primary, a general election or the world stage. Way too thin skinned!

  15. Disney’s ‘magic’ dimmed long before the pandemic and their missteps since 2020. Instead of trying to please every subculture maybe they need to stick to doing what they do best – entertain. Just entertain. Allow the public to escape the insanity of the crazed world for a few days and experience what was Disney. Stop trying to preach and police everything. Just entertain. Another part of regaining the magic is for the public to stop looking for ways to be “offended”. It is entertainment for the masses – not just you.
    Here’s hoping that someone in the corporation understands.

  16. Lol. Not sure how the turned into a political debate. But here goes… People are not leaving Florida. They are coming here in droves. Tourism is booming. I was at Disney last week. The 3 hour wait for rides would suggest there are plenty of tourists. We went out to dinner last night in our small gulf coast city and had to wait an hour. Want to know why? Tourists. Not sure where your info is coming from.

  17. Disney should learn to stay out of politics and go back to what their supposed to be a entertainment business!!! Quit trying to satisfy all the cry babies and go back to what you were. If the minority of people don’t like it tell them don’t come .Before they find their self boycotted. Ask bud light if the masses matter or not!

  18. Vote out DeSantis & go back to Walt & Roy’s vision. After Disney, DeSantis is going to kill whatever vacation destinations & the entire Florida economy by the time he’s done. AND GOD FORBID DON’T LET HIM NEAR THE WHIE HOUSE.

  19. I think they STINK! Walt must be rolling in his grave. I’ve been to WDW 5 times (4 were pre pandemic) I wasn’t happy with my post pandemic trip experience in 2022. But I recently booked a vacation for Nov 2023 anyway. However, after hearing of all the changes I just canceled and I doubt I’ll ever go back again. The Disney charm and magic Walt inspired are gone!

  20. You need to get rid of the governor you have in office he is no good, you closing all these things up it will push people away and all these hanges, like wrist bands ( what are good, I m not sure about that finger printing you are doing, it’s good on one site but then on the other not really. ) the really bad things I don’t really like, to have to make reservations on all the rides, I don’t know how that even could work, here you staying in line for the one ride, and your next ride is in 2-5 minutes, so that means if I m in line and it takes me 5 minutes to get on the ride then do the ride, that means I wound make my next ride, I like it how it use to be, in joy the park and go on a ride wen you feel like it. I hope you don’t get ride of down town Disney ever. That’s a nice place to go also. Keep every thing please.

  21. With the huge number of people who are diverting their travel away from FL right now due to DeSantis fascist BS it’s going to negatively affect WDW.

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