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Disney’s Biggest Fan Club May Be Affected With Shocking Layoff

Disney's Biggest Fan Club May Be Affected With Shocking Layoff
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We knew a HUGE Disney layoff was coming, but this choice shocked fans. What could this mean for Disney’s biggest fan club?

Disney Layoffs

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Last month, during the First Quarter Earnings Call, Bob Iger shared that the Walt Disney Company will look to streamline the company. During this call, Iger announced that the Walt Disney Company will be cutting $5.5 billion in costs.

To meet this need to cut costs, huge job reductions will be comingBob Iger announced a workforce reduction of 7,000 jobs. This week Bob Iger provided a heartfelt message to Cast Members. This included a timeline for this job reduction over the next few months.

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Iger re-emphasized that the massive layout is part of the “strategic realignment of the company, including cost-saving measures necessary for creating a more effective, coordinated, and streamlined approach to our business.”

Then, he stated that senior leaders have been working with human resources to assess their operational needs.

Shocking Layoff

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Although we knew layoffs were coming, this one took many of us by surprise. Last night, news broke that Jeffrey R. Epstein is leaving The Walt Disney Company. Epstein served as a Vice President of Corporate Communications for Disney. What many Disney fans know him best for is his role in D23.

Recently Epstein oversaw communications for The Walt Disney Archives, D23: The Official Disney Fan Club, D23 Expo, and Disney’s franchise priorities. He managed the day-to-day editorial operations of D23, including its publication, website, and social media.

D23, The Official Disney Fan Club, offers its members offers a site full of content for Disney fans far and wide to bring you all of the Disney updatesdiscounts, and access to special exclusive VIP events. There is both free and paid membership to D23. Since D23 was first introduced in 2009, Jeffrey R. Epstein has been its voice.

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Epstein first hosted a Disney Geek podcast for several years. In 2019, Epstein co-hosted D23 Inside Disney which was the official Disney podcast. I (Donna) loved this podcast as Epstein co-hosted with Sheri Henry from “Oh My Disney.” Week after week, Epstein shared his love for all things Disney and played a vital role in D23.

Since D23 was first introduced in 2009, Jeffrey R. Epstein has been its voice.

The news of his exit from the Walt Disney Company shocked many Disney fans. At this time it is unclear how this may impact D23 and also the official Disney podcast. Possibly this is one of Iger’s goals for the “strategic realignment of the company.”

What do you think of this surprising layoff? Do you think this may affect the D23 Official Disney Fan Club? Did you enjoy listening to Epstein on the Inside Disney podcast? Share your thoughts on this layoff and the future of D23 in the comment section.

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