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Extensive work and NEW scenes added to popular Disney attraction

Extensive work and NEW scenes added to popular Disney attraction

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Wow! This popular Disney attraction received a major upgrade with new scenes and repairs!

Indiana Jones Adventure

Credit: Donna

Indiana Jones is one of the most popular attractions at Disneyland! This fast-pace, rugged attraction takes you on a wild thrill ride. Disney describes it as:

Follow Indy’s footsteps into the crumbling Temple of the Forbidden Eye past intricate booby traps. Inspect carvings and frescos that tell the story of Mara, a powerful deity who promises great treasures—and vengeance to those foolish enough to gaze into its all-seeing eyes.

Credit: Disneyland

Board a rugged troop transport and enter the Chamber of Destiny. Confront inconceivable dangers, like precarious precipices over molten lava, screaming mummies, swarms of giant insects, spear-throwing wraiths, collapsing bridges, slithering snakes—and a massive rolling boulder.  

If you find yourself in jeopardy, only one man is brave enough—or crazy enough—to save you… Dr. Jones!


Credit: Donna

The attraction closed in January 2023 for a several month long refurbishment. At the time, we had no idea what was going to happen but we knew the ride was in major need of updates.

The ride officially reopens today, March 17. So, what all did Disney do to Indiana Jones Adventure? According to the OC Register,

Imagineering “plussed up” the ride with two new digital effects scenes designed to demonstrate the power of Mara, the antagonist deity within the Temple of the Forbidden Eye at the center of the story unfolding in the attraction.

Credit: Disney

“Our additions to Indiana Jones Adventure add touches of new magic that enhance its already established storyline,” Imagineering executive creative director Kim Irvine said in a statement released by Disneyland. “Mara taunts guests even further with a powerful, electric-like energy and frenetic apparitions. This force of Mara turns a possible passageway escape into a rubble of dust.”

Not surprisingly, Imagineers did not add new storylines into the Disneyland attraction from the upcoming “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” film debuting in theaters in June. That would take way too much work.

Cleaning and Upgrades

Credit: Monica

New scenes are not the only work done to Indiana Jones Adventure! The Indy refurbishment teams cleaned and painted the projection surfaces throughout the attraction and refreshed the scenic elements throughout the extensive queue.

Every skull was individually cleaned and all 40 mummies were refreshed. On top of that, video projectors were refocused and lighting fixtures were replaced. Disney also repaired the large audio-animatronic snake and rolling ball in the finale.

In addition, digital projections throughout the attraction are much sharper, brighter and more colorful. Crews touched up and relit all of the black light scenes.

Credit: Disneyland

The exterior queue has been re-landscaped, the interior queue has been repainted and the bamboo supports in the queue tunnels have been replaced. Interactive elements in the queue like the rope in the well that visitors can pull are working again.

This is one amazing refurbishment! We are happy to hear Indiana Jones Adventure received so much love! Share your excitement for these updates in the comments below and share this post with a fellow Indiana Jones fan!

Source: OC Register

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