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Disney World has Plans to Change Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom

Disney World has Plans to Change Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom
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It looks like Disney is about to make some changes to the icon at the heart of the Magic Kingdom. Here is what could be in store for Cinderella Castle.

Cinderella Castle

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Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World is quite possibly one of the most easily recognizable icons in the history of any theme park. It might even be one of the most frequently photographed spots on the planet! She is a beauty for sure.

It is true that Cinderella Castle has donned a number of looks including a birthday cake! You can see a look back at 50 years of the magnificent icon right here. Recently, it received a transformation for Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary. Most notably, the color scheme changed from grey and white and blue to pink and blue, and gold with EARidescent touches.

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Additionally, it was adorned with gorgeous golden gilding and sculptural drapery. Finally, it sports a 50th-anniversary emblem.

Some Guests love the changes. Others, however, abhor them and wish for a return of the beloved Castle’s previous majesty.

New Work Permits

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However, as the 50th Anniversary Celebration winds down, it does seem as if the castle is about to get a new look! On March 9, 2023, Disney filed a Notice of Commencement for an address matching Cinderella Castle.

The permit is for general construction. Coastal Steel Inc. will be completing the work. You may remember that this is the same company that was noted when Disney installed the 50th Anniversary decorations on the Castle a few years ago.

What Will the Castle Look like Next?

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While the permit is not specific, this work will most likely include the removal of the 50th Anniversary Castle Decorations. After all, the 50th Anniversary ends very soon. So it makes sense that at the very least we will see anything indicating the 50th celebration vanish.

Removing these decorations may also make the installation of the popular Cinderella Castle Dream Lights more manageable at Christmas time.

Credit: KtP Writer Christina

A permit has been filed for general construction for Cinderella Castle.

While we fully expect to see the beautiful 50th decorations vanish in the coming months, one question remains. Will the pink color scheme also vanish? Will Cinderella Castle be restored to its simpler, classic look? Many fans hope so!

Do you hope that Cinderella Castle remains pink forever, or do you prefer the classic color scheme? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


  1. I believe Imagineer John Hench knew what he was doing with the original color scheme. Haven’t seen anyone of his caliber that begins to understand color or design as he did.

  2. I hate the pink! Almost seems like they had extra paint from Disneyland and tried to save a buck by reusing it at the castle at Disney
    World. This is Cinderella’s castle, not Sleeping Beauty’s!

  3. I really liked the original colors. That was the first color I got to see as well as my kids when they were little. It’s more castle-like. I agree with one commentator, keep it like Walt Disney imagined it to be.

  4. I’ve seen lots of pictures of the 50th anniversary castle and I actually do not like the Pepto-Bismol pink I hope it goes back to its original look Disney needs to stop ruining Disney , and other people need to leave Disney alone .

  5. It is as a “Right of Passage” and generational to say, this is what I saw as a kid. Then the grandchildren. Disney has way more acreage to innovate but hands off the original!

    • Thanks for reading, Thomas. You make a beautiful point. There really is something so magical about watching the children in your own life experiencing something you saw as a child yourself.

  6. Loved the original castle colors in person but even more in love with the pink in person after my october 2022 visit, it’s even more magical!

    • Thanks for reading, Kerriann! I have to say that I love the original and was super skeptical when the pink coat of paint appeared. However, once the embellishments and gilding and Earidescent details completed the look, it all made sense to me, and I think it is quite beautiful, too.

  7. I would like to see the Castle return to it’s original structure. Decorate holidays with banners or balloons. At least keep this as Walt wanted. Everything else he strived for is mostly gone. He was a true immanginationist.

  8. I feel the castle should go back to its original look. Just add decorations for different holidays and themes, but don’t go back to the traditional paint job that she was.

    • Thanks for reading Marvin. Isn’t it amazing how children can shape your heart like that? THe “Kid Effect” got me with Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railroad. I felt so sad when Great Movie Ride vanished, but my children love MMRR so much that it is now one of my own favorite things in all of Disney World.

  9. Leave the castle the it is there’s nothing wrong with it it’s been around for a long time freaking leave alone

  10. I always loved the castle in its blue and white, however, the castle looks so much prettier and photographs nicer in the new colors. I hope they keep it!

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