Home Disney News This EPCOT store is reopen now but lost its charm

This EPCOT store is reopen now but lost its charm

This EPCOT store is reopen now but lost its charm
Credit: Susan

Do you love unique shops? If so, you may be disappointed by the reopening of this charming store because something is missing now.

Shopping Around the World

Credit: Susan

Epcot is one of my (Susan) favorite Disney Parks. There are so many shops and wonderful areas to explore. Be sure to check out the unique shops at each World Showcase pavilion next time you go.

Whether you’re looking for wool hats from Canada or fine parfum from Italy or France, the World Showcase shopping offers a huge variety of rotating merchandise to choose from. Check out our World Showcase shopping guide HERE.

Germany Shops

Credit: Susan

Karamell-Küche offers a delicious assortment of caramel-themed treats. My favorite is the freshly made caramel popcorn. In Das Kaufhaus, look for glassware, soccer apparel and accessories. Then, Der Teddybar is filled with authentic German merchandise too, including German toys.

At Die Weihnachts Ecke, it’s Christmas 365 days a year! Year-round, shop for an assortment of Disney Parks and German inspired ornaments and other Christmas decorations. And don’t forget to look for the famous pickle tree!

Credit: Susan

On the main World Showcase Lagoon path, you’ll see the Glaskunst kiosk. Shoppers will be delighted here and Kunstarbeit in Kristall with fine crystal and glassware, and home decor items.

Store Reopens

Credit: Susan

For what seems like forever, one of my favorite German shops remained closed. However, recently it reopened so I had to check it out! Before closing Volkskunst sold many authentic German clocks and crafts.

Credit: Susan, Kidcot area representing clock making

And not only that, guests felt as if they had been transported to an old world German clock making shop. But that’s not the case now.

German Merchandise

Credit: Susan

A touch of Germany remains here. First, Disney’s German princess, Snow White, is represented well. Whether you’re looking for more generic Snow clothing and accessories, or unique items, you’ll find it here. One of my favorite items is the Queen’s wooden heart box.

Credit: Susan

You can buy authentic German candy in a small section too. Note that this candy is available at other German shops.

Credit: Susan

The German beer steins offered in other World Showcase shops are available here and displayed on the fireplace decor.

Credit: Susan

Perhaps my favorite item is the embroidered Germany dress.

Credit: Susan

Last but not least, you’ll find the collectible Snow White doll shown below here.

Credit: Susan

All of this German merchandise is wonderful, but there’s still something missing…

What Changed

Credit: Susan

While browsing the store, it was apparent that generic Disney merchandise had taken over this previously charming spot. I was upset because now it carries merchandise found in so many other stores.

Credit: Susan

Generic Disney merchandise has taken over this previously charming store filled with handcrafted Germany clocks and other items.

Credit: Susan

Before closing, this spot had so many German cuckoo and other handmade clocks. Now, there’s just a single wall with a fews clocks on it. I’m really hoping Disney brings back more of these wonderfully crafted time pieces in the future.

Credit: Susan

Do you miss the hand crafted clocks or do you prefer a wider variety of merchandise here? Please share your thoughts in the comments below and share this post with someone who loves shopping at Disney.


  1. Disney has sold a large number of the expensive cuckoo clocks over the years. I believe it’s more of a supply than a demand issue. Disney offers to ship the clocks to the guest’s home, and the clocks are well packed. Shipping is not a problem with these clocks. The company that manufactures the clocks is accustomed to shipping the clocks internationally. We have purchased several of the large cuckoo clocks from Disney over the past 30 years, and have never had a problem. All mechanical clocks need to be serviced by a clock professional every 4-5 years. These beautiful clocks are well worth it.

  2. Disney has a lot of problems these days, but this one may not be all Disney’s fault. I have purchased three of the beautiful cuckoo clocks from the German shop in Epcot over the past 30 years. I purchased the last one a couple of years before Disney closed due to COVID-19. At that time, a cast member told me that the clocks were getting harder to get, and that Anton Schneider (the company that produces the cuckoo clocks Disney carries) was considering closing it facilities. Much of Europe is still struggling to return to normal post-COVID. I have noticed that many items are missing from the shop in Italy too. Hopefully, more unique merchandise will return to the shops in Epcot in the near future.

  3. I felt the same and was shocked when I saw how blah and generic this shop had become. It was and is my favorite area in Epcot. I hope they also bring back more authentic merchandise

  4. Recently visited the shop and totally surprised with the lack of merchandise that is truly German. Wish they would bring back the weather house and other products that were offered in the past
    Not impressed with what they now have.

  5. I’m wondering if this is a supply issue because itlas a former cast member we constantly were out of stuff and just spread Disney merch in places to make it look full until stuff arrived ( sometimes months and months late )

  6. My favorite memory was seeing Utta paint on eggs. Sadly she passed away. I do wish they had some of her work displayed in there.

  7. Yes, what a shame that it’s been redone like it is now. I willmiss the clocks especially as I always enjoyed seeing them. In the past I have even purchased some of the minature clocks they had. Hopefully they will bring more back, but not looking likely.

  8. This was my issue at Universal. Everything is the same. Same food, same merchandise. That is what I praised Disney for was different things that you can experience. This is sad if this is going to be a trend.

  9. That is so disappointing that they have taken out the authentic German merchandise and in it’s place put in Made in China items that will be at the Disney Outlet store in 6 months.

  10. My guess is that they will not be bringing to many clocks in. The problem is that the prices even before Chapek were very overpriced. They are very delicate and do not travel well in luggage especially checked luggage. This means that would have to bring as a carry-on. So, I am guessing that with the low number sold that they decided that they wouldn’t stock that many. With that being said, I would prefer that they kept the uniqueness of the shop and just revamping it with different merchandise. I was in Luneburg. Germany last year shopping at many modern stores built in buildings built 500 to 1000 years or more ago. And they still had a lot of character from the Medieval time in them.
    Just saying.

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