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Exploring Disney’s 100th New Décor and Merchandise

Exploring Disney's 100th New Décor and Merchandise
Credit: Marisol

The Disney Company is currently celebrating its 100th Anniversary. Decorations and merchandise are mostly sprinkled throughout the parks. Join me as I take you through a walk through!

Décor throughout the Disneyland Resort

Credit: Marisol

The Esplanade area which divides both parks is immersed with banners and flags. They include the celebration logo, “100 Years of Wonder.” The lampposts feature various Disney characters.

In Downtown Disney, décor includes a large coinlike statue as guests walk into the area leaving the parks Esplanade. A large Mickey statue is located on the other end of Downtown Disney. This is a great opportunity for photo taking if one is not able to visit the parks inside!

Decorations are located on Main Street USA. Located in Town Square, guests will find a Mickey Mouse platinum statue. It now reads: “…it was all started by a mouse.” CLICK HERE to read about the misquote mishap!

Credit: Marisol

Leading up to Sleeping Beauty Castle, guests will visually notice Main Street adorned with Disney100 banners. To the right of Sleeping Beauty Castle stands the second celebration statue which features Minnie Mouse.

Minnie’s reads: “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.”

Sleeping Beauty Castle includes purple motifs, a wishing star, and a 100th anniversary medallion. The banner is held by the Sleeping Beauty fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather. Both sides of the bridge feature two sparkling fountains.

Disney100 Platinum Merchandise

Credit: Marisol

The Disney Company is no stranger to selling creative merchandise items. Disney’s 100th celebration is no exception as there are many ways to share and show off Disney’s platinum milestone.

The Platinum Collection debuted in December 2022. The Disney100 merchandise is available for purchase at Disney parks and on shopDisney. Merchandise includes apparel, pins, home décor and accessories which feature the Disney 100 Years of Wonder emblem.

Disney100 drinkware merchandise can be purchased throughout the parks. They includes the Thermo Tumbler which sells for $13.49. The Mickey Mouse Sipper sells at $32.49 and the Disney100 Stainless Steel Tumbler which features Walt and Mickey for $28.99. All of the tumblers are available at most Quick Service restaurants.

Credit: Marisol

There are two different types of popcorn buckets celebrating Disney’s 100th Anniversary. The Mickey Mouse Balloon bucket sells for $19.50 and the regular popcorn bucket at $12.25. Each popcorn bucket purchase includes a regular popcorn.

Additional Anniversary Décor

Credit: Marisol

There are three additions that I wanted to add to the list of celebratory decorations. These feature Cast Member name tags, the iridescent monorail and asphalt artwork.

Guests will notice that Cast Member name tags received a sparkly update. The new name tags are purple and silver and at the bottom read: “Where Wonder Comes To Life.” At the top it features “Disney 100” with the Disney castle. Under the Cast Member’s name it notes their favorite Disney character.

The Disneyland Monorail debuted its platinum 100th anniversary wrap. The wrap reads, “Disney 100” which features sparkles floating down the side. One side of the monorail features Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Mickey and Minnie in their 100th anniversary costumes.

Credit: Marisol

As the sun hits the platinum wrap, it reflects a beautiful rainbow. My favorite location to see the rainbow illumination from the Monorail is located at the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage in Tomorrowland.

Lastly, at park opening, guests will find a creative artist who paints a Disney100 celebration mural non other than on the asphalt only using water. On the day I visited, the Cast Member creatively depicted Mickey and his friends in 10 minutes. This is one live entertainment experience guests will not want to miss!

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