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Disney World prepares for the closure of Splash Mountain before its final day

Disney World prepares for the closure of Splash Mountain before its final day
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It is almost time to say goodbye to Splash Mountain for good. Disney World is already preparing for its closure before the final day.

Splash Mountain

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It has been a good run for one of Disney’s most beloved attractions: Splash Mountain. The ride opened in 1989 and has been a favorite for many since then.

Back in 2020, Disney announced the retheming of Splash Mountain into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. While many remain conflicted about the idea of the new theme, there is no denying the impact Splash Mountain has on Guests.

Tomorrow, January 22, marks the final day to ride Splash Mountain before it permanently closes. Despite a bumpy week of extended closures and delayed openings, people have turned up to ride one final time.

Prepping for Closure

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Disney recently brought out some greenery which is pretty common for hiding attractions. We typically see these bushes after construction walls come down for an attraction that is about to open. However, these bushes are intended to block people off from wandering further into the attraction area.

Right now, they are just staged around the area so Guests can continue to enter the attraction queue. However, come Monday these will be placed to block the entrance. Given the extensive work that needs to be complete for the retheme, we will likely see some construction walls that cover the entire show building.

Share your Thoughts

Credit: KtP

As we enter the final weekend of Splash Mountain, we here at Kenny the Pirate invite you to share your memories, thoughts, and feelings about this closure. Are you sad to see it go? Excited for what the future holds?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below and feel free to share this post with a friend who may also like to write some thoughts as well.

Goodbye, Splash Mountain. We will miss you, but we are excited to welcome Tiana.

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  1. If disney wanted a ‘Tiana’ ride so be it , but leave the classics alone. The tales and stories of Brer Rabbit are from the african culture that came to this country and have been passed down from generation to generation. No one can change history , you can only live with it and learn from it.

  2. I don’t know why they couldn’t wait to close it until after the 50th Anniversary celebration. My husband and I have both suffered physical issues since our last visit for our wedding anniversary in Feb of 2020, and we decided that we will go back in Feb 2023 if it’s at all possible; but now we will not get to experience Splash Mountain, which happens to be our favorite attraction in the Magic Kingdom. Very sad to see it close.

  3. My niece would come visit us from Biloxi and SPLASH MOUNTAIN Was her all time favorite! She never missed the opportunity to go on this adventure. Three years ago she found out she had Pancreatic Cancer. She lived in a FEMA trailer thanks to Hurricane KAMILE. I would get posters and a tapestry and other Splash Mountain Souvenirs for her she was so happy. She could not travel enough to come visit again and I would take pictures of the area and the street sign with Brer Rabbit in it. She passed away Valentine’s Day last year never knowing the travesty of doing away with this beautiful happy experience. I for one in her memory will NEVER participate in the racist thing that is replacing it! I have the movie and I will think of her every time I watch it. I hope other fans of this loved ride will stay away also. Shame on you Disney

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